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So once again, one of the elite pitchers in the league is dealing with an injury.

Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw has been shut down once again this time for what manager Dave Roberts is calling “an arm type of thing”.

Kershaw, who during the 2010-2015 seasons averaged 222 innings during those years, has had a tough time staying healthy as of lately.

In 2016, he only pitched 149 innings, 2017, 175 innings and last year 161 innings. This past offseason he signed a three-year $93 million extension in opting to forego free agency, giving Kershaw a chance to prove me and other critics wrong that he is on the decline.

Here, we sit the calendar hasn’t even turned to March yet and Kershaw is already dealing with an injury. The thing for me is this is very similar to the Carson Wentz situation, they are both talented but if you cannot stay healthy what good are you to the team.

Kershaw has been injured a lot recently and while when healthy he is definitely still one of the best pitchers in the game, how much will he be on the field this year and into next season?

Kershaw, is one of those pitchers who when your team is playing the Dodgers and his name is listed as the starting pitchers, you know your batting average is going to take a fall.

What Should the Dodgers Do?

Well, in my opinion, the Dodgers need Kershaw to start the season off hot and then right before the deadline they should move him to a contender and get a big haul back.

Because sooner, rather than later, he’s not going to get them anything back in return.

If his injuries continue, he will end up a free agent, and the end of his 3-year extension which would make him 34 years old. 

If they can get a bunch of prospects back for Kershaw it would be wise for them to take the deal and move on before its too late.

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