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Cleveland Browns New Uniforms: Are the 2015 Pro Bowl unis, a taste of things to come?


January 29, 2015

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CLEVELAND – For once, off-season talk involving the Cleveland Browns will not focus on who will be QB, but their up-coming new “cutting-edge” uniforms instead.

By now, all sports fans know that the Browns are getting a much-needed—depending on your point of view—uniform makeover for the 2015-16 season. I wrote a blog on this earlier here stating my opinion on the long-held and very stubborn perspective that many Browns fans have in terms of “tradition”, etc.

While all good, I still maintain my original stance on the need to re-boot and embrace some change, to the point of burrowing from The Alabama Crimson Tide and add numbers to the side of the iconic orange helmets—which the Browns had in the 50’s.

Back to the present, this past Saturday, many got to watch perhaps the biggest waste of space—also known as the NFL Pro Bowl. No disrespect to the many players who worked very hard to earn the right to go to the game itself, but in all honesty, the game isn’t what it used to be.

No more AFC vs. NFC, instead you have Team Irvin vs. Team Carter? Say what?

While many could care less of the team names, there seems to be a growing theory amongst my fellow Dawgs, is that the Team Irvin jerseys, which were a gun-metal-like grey with orange and white trim could be the template for this new Nike duds?

If you do a simple Google search on “Cleveland Browns new uniforms”, not only will you see my fore-mentioned blog, but also various articles talking about what could be the colors, or what it may look like, etc. By now, you have heard that the Browns have agreed on a light, dark and alternate color.

While this is merely speculation, one can assume that the three colors are white, brown—possible orange–and the rumored silver/gunmetal gray.

One of the newest rumors to surface, comes from one of my personal favorite blogs run by fellow uniform honk in ESPN’s Paul Lukas, “The Uni Blog” about a couple of minute changes to the Browns helmet that stated,

“Okay, now that the hierarchy has been established, here we go: Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has been saying all along that the team’s impending uniform makeover, due to be unveiled next spring, won’t include any changes to the helmet. BUT! A little birdie tells me there will be two — TWO! — changes to the helmet, as follows:

1. The stripe will have some sort of “new texture.”

2. There will be a new shade of orange, which will be more like Oklahoma State’s or Oregon State’s color.

In short: The Browns’ helmet will look pretty much the same as before, except in the subtle ways it doesn’t.”

(Image courtesy of @WreckThisLeague)

Again, nothing is officially confirmed, but if there is one fellow blogger that I trust completely, it is Lukas. In terms of the new uniforms, everything is as locked-down at Nike as Fort Knox, so until an accidental “leak” of some kind trickles out of Phil Knight’s personal house of style, Browns fans will have to wait impatiently and dream of those fabulous Photoshopped unis worn by Joe Haden, Donte Whitner and Joe Thomas and hope that they at least come close to that fresh and truly “cutting-edge” look, that they have promised.

While not as glamorous as debating who will win the up-coming quarterback competition between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Football, free agent QB rumors or reading up on Manziel’s latest adventures after dark, for once Browns fans can talk about something OTHER than the draft on a subject as widely anticipated as new uniforms, which offers a less strenuous and nerve-racking distraction to talk about ad nauseam than who will be starting at QB Week 1 right?

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