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Cleveland Browns: Robert Griffin lll ready To quiet critics

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That new relationship makes you feel on top of the world like nothing can hurt you. Everything is “I love you, together forever, until death do us part” but when it goes sour those “I love you’s” now turn into “do you love me”? That was the relationship between Robert Griffin lll and the Washington Redskins. He was the man, the savior but it went terribly wrong, and she walked out his life but not after putting him on public display like he was the court jester.

The Cleveland Browns have welcome RG3 with open arms and let him know this is his team. And while many will argue it’s not much of a team, please remember neither were the Redskins when he took over in 2012 but yet he managed to lead them to a division title and a playoff appearance before the relationship went sour. Can the same feat be duplicated in Cleveland? Maybe not in the first season but what transpires after that will be up to the front office. The Browns have a major overhaul on their hands; they had to wash away the stink of seasons past and bad energy players before they could start thinking about challenging the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Cincinnati Bengals, but giving RG3 a shot was a move in the right direction.

The Browns took a chance on Johnny Manziel for a reason, they wanted a mobile QB with a good arm but didn’t expect him to bring along the ghosts of the ’90s Dallas Cowboys and the off the field troubles. I wouldn’t go as far to say he has his work cut out for him. Take away their record as injuries and poor players selection attributed to the last few years. Every team deserves a mulligan or two and for the misery, the Browns had to endure lately I will give them a pass. But for argument’s sake lets look at what RG3 will be working with.

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The running game is not as bad as one might think. There are two solid backs in Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson, and while their numbers don’t jump out at you, you must remember they were forced to run against 8 in a box most of the season due to a lack of respect for the passing game. But with RG3 under center, everything changes. The receivers are another story, they are good, and I mean scary good. Travis Benjamin and Gary Barnidge combined for 140+ receptions for 2000+ yards and 14 TDs, and this was done with Manziel, Josh McCown, and Austin Davis all splitting QB duties. Neither one of three are Pro Bowl type QBs and neither have the skills or IQ like Griffin. What they were able to accomplish with them should only increase with RG3 but, the Browns received great news this week when they learned that suspended WR Josh Gordon will be returning this season after he serves a 4-game suspension.

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The Brows were due for some good news on the home front.

To those still in denial about RG3, take a moment to remember that despite all he has been through, 2016 will only be his 4th year. He’s still young and after sitting out 2015, he is fresh and ready to prove a point that maybe the grass is greener on the other side.


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