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The Cleveland Cavaliers Would Benefit Greatly From A Kyrie Irving / Devin Booker Swap

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If the Cleveland Cavaliers were to get Devin Booker in deal for Kyrie Irving, consider that a huge win for LeBron and company.

Many probably read that statement and said, “this guys crazy.” And while I can understand that argument, Booker might be a more attractive piece for Cleveland than someone like Eric Bledsoe. Just look at what Booker has done over the course of his brief career.

The third-year guard out of Kentucky has averaged double digits in both of his NBA seasons. His rookie year saw him put up 13.8 points, while his Sophomore campaign saw an average of 22.1. Above all else, Booker shot 5.2 three pointers a game.

Imagine that kind of production on a Cavs team that would love to add even more three point shooting to a team that included Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, Channing Frye, and Kyle Korver. Of course, Kyrie was no slouch in the three department, but as a point guard, he might be shooting a tad too much.

The Cavs, who just signed Derrick Rose, could benefit from having a player such as Booker. If Kyrie leaves, the team could use Rose ( assuming he stays healthy ), or request that Phoenix given them second-year guard, Tyler Ulis in a deal for Irving. That would give the Cavs some options to employ at Kyrie’s position.

Rose ( a natural score-first guard ) might be able to pick up for some of Kyrie’s loss. Ulis could become the backup PG, a pass first option that could spark the bench unit, who have capable shooters. And Kyrie, who always played like a shooting guard, could see his scoring production replaced by Booker.

It’s a far-fetched idea to have Devin Booker join the Cavs. It’s highly unlikely that Phoenix even considers moving him. But, to get a player like Kyrie, that might be the price they pay. Booker is only 20, and Cleveland might not need as much back in a deal centered around him as they would one around Bledsoe.

Imagine a Cavs starting line-up of

PG: Rose
SG: Booker
SF: LeBron
PF: Love
C: Thompson

Now, just think of how the bench will look upon the arrival of Booker

PG: Ulis
G: Smith, Korver, Iman Shumpert
F: Frye

The addition of Smith to the bench gives the Cavs a much different dimension, as they place another shooter to the second unit. Let’s throw another piece into the mix and say Cleveland gets Warren in a deal from Phoenix as well. Surely they’d have to someone else, but it adds some more spark to the roster.

While a deal involving Booker, Ulis, and Warren for Kyrie and player X won’t likely happen, it’s something to think about. The
Cavs add shooting, and can move on from the Irving debacle. If LeBron leaves, that’s on him, but at least the Cavs would be able to sign Booker to a bigger contract than any other team when his rookie deal is up. And he’s definitely someone you can build around.

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