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Clippers Should Be Kevin Durant’s Top Choice

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Reports are surfacing that Kevin Durant was “blown away” by the Los Angeles Clippers Free Agent presentation. This was not the Lakers trying to woo LaMarcus Aldridge last year with sunshine and billboards, this is a Clippers team that has pieces, locked, loaded and ready to go.

Let’s play the role of Durant for a minute. We walk in and see Doc Rivers sitting down, the same Doc that coached the Big 3 in Boston that went to two NBA Finals. We look over and see JJ Redick, the sharpshooter, DeAndre Jordan the rebounding and shot blocking machine. A small grin starts to form when I look over and see Blake Griffin, the freak of nature nodding his head. I feel a tap on my shoulder, turn around and there is my boy, Chris Paul standing there with a Clippers jersey with my name on it.

What do I do?

We sit and talk about the issues they have faced the last few seasons. We talk about family and life but Doc stops the conversation and basketball takes over. I ask him what would my role be on the team? Doc laughs hard, not one of  those fake LOL ones either, the kind that says, “you’re stupid”. He stops, looks at me and says ” you’re the missing piece”.

I’ve heard it before but looking around the room it sinks in, we can win this. I hear Doc talking but all I can see is Jordan blocking Westbrook’s shot, Blake getting the loose ball, passing it to Paul who starts the break. Oladipo steps in his path, Paul passes to Redick, who sees me setting up in the corner for a three, but as I’m about to release the shot I see Jordan sliding down the lane, without thinking I release the perfect alley-oop.

Yes, this is where I belong.

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