Smartphones are becoming more and more secure these days. But don’t fret because the hackers and cybercriminals are becoming sharper. So, you need to step up your game. Following, we are going to give you a brief guide that will show you how to keep your device safe despite security issues.

You need to use a tier one software like Cocospy. This software works for both smartphone, iOS, and Android It helps you to protect your device, optimize it and keep it secure. But you cannot rely on the software solution alone; you have to take some safety precautions yourself. You need to avoid opening fields and attachments from a malicious site, they will do nothing but harm your device. So, you need to take responsibility for your action and take extra care when browsing.

Update Your iOS

If you want to keep your device’s safety, then you better keep its OS up to date. This will protect you against data breaches and attacks. Hackers tend to find issues with the coding that they can benefit from. These issues give them access to your data. Installing new updates will help you fight off their attacks as you patch holes in OS while you implement safety enhancement.

You have to update the latest version of iOS. Just open the Settings App and Click updates. Once done, you will be greeted by a note letting you know that you have already installed the latest version of OS. Some version comes with security updates which address a few vulnerabilities which will lead to your device being hacked.

Use Find my Phone

You can use the Find my phone feature to fight against attackers. If you have lost your phone, then you have to log into Find my iPhone from another OS device via Web and wipe the device, you have to take your data with it.

This way, even if the hacker fought his way and breached your device, they will still find nothing. If you want to wipe away your device, you will need to go to Find My iPhone app to choose your phone, click on erasing your device. This will keep your data safe in the long run. Just make sure you have an internet connection, if your net is ok, then the device will wipe itself away.

A Better Passcode

A longer password is always better, but you can add up to its security if you include some symbols, numbers, and words into it. If you try to hack iPhone password using Cocospy, then you can crack the security open in a matter of minutes. But you need to step up your security. The device that plugs into i0S it disables usual passcode, retry, and re-entry which will delay strategy that stops someone to access the device.

Accessing a phone after a couple of incorrect passcode entries becomes very difficult. Yes, the companies update their OS to fix issues and patches, but you can’t completely rely on them. You have to improve your security measures and keep your data safe.

So, pick a long passcode. Choose something which is more than a mere six digits because it will take quite a long time to crack it open. You might as well use a passphrase which contains words instead of numbers. But you better use random words which are not normally put together.

Auto Wipe Your Content

This can be a bit unnerving for many iPhone users. If nothing seems to work for you. Then you will need to auto-wipe everything. If you feel someone is forcing their access into your device, then you have to take your time and create a backup of your data. The idea is, if someone doesn’t access the device after ten goes, then you need to track them back yourself.

Some people don’t use an automatic backup. If you enable the option, we advise you turning on the automatic iCloud backup in case the data is wiped away. You have to enable the rather nuclear option, so head to settings and go to Touch ID & Passcode. You will have to scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Erase Data.

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