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How to avoid extra fees from movers

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Moving is a stress-filled and costly process. Learn how to reduce your costs when you move to a new place.

Type of estimate

The estimate options can be of two types two. The binding estimate does not increase the total cost of the moving even if there is a surplus weight over the actual one. With non-binding estimate, you will have to pay for the weight measured after loading. Consequently, you can save if you prefer a binding estimate.


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Relocation package

One more tip for customers of moving companies is to ask a representative to provide a list of the services included in the standard relocation process and state what services are paid extra. Some companies offer a list of services that constitute the whole relocation package (for example, packing, loading, transportation) and extra services like debris removal, storage, assembly, and disassembly etc. The other movers ask to pay for every service you need separately. Always read the contract carefully what services are included in the package you order not to be misled by movers and get what you have paid for.

Make a checklist

The first thing to consider is the number of items that must be moved. There are moving companies that offer a free quote to people who call them and provide a company representative to create a checklist. The detailed list of objects gives a presentation of the number of packaging materials, services needed, the size of the vehicle etc. As a result, you will get an accurate total cost of all the services provided and avoid paying extra.


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Extra services

Reputable companies always ask their clients for permission if they can add one or another extra service to the full list. However, there are movers who want to earn more by keeping some of the vital information in secret. That is why it is the task of the client to check every point of the list and decide if all the services are required for relocation. As a result, you will pay money for the things you really need and avoid unpredictable expenses you might even not heard of.

The most common additional services include providing packing materials, assembly/disassembly of furniture, dealing with bulky items, elevator and long carry fees.

Additional stops

Moving companies always plan an itinerary of their vehicles to find the shortest and most reasonable way to get to the final destination. If you plan to stop anywhere and pick up some additional items, it is important to warn movers about it. Any unpredictable extra stops may cost you too much to do them. Experts say that a simple drop-off stop may add to your moving budget $75 and more.

A need for a storage space

It happens that new home or office you move to is not absolutely ready for your arrival. In this case, you might need to keep all your belongings in the secure place for some time. “To avoid paying extra, consider that the area of the storage unit is big enough to distribute all your items safely but not too large to avoid paying for free space,” – says Dan Miller, the chief executive of Empire Movers Palo Alto. “Moreover, you should remember: the longer you need this rental storage space, the more you will have to pay. That is why try to complete the new home preparation as quickly as possible to save your money”.

Tipping movers

It is natural that people’s efforts should be rewarded. But when you turn to a moving company, you should remember that movers receive a salary and you are not obliged to give them any money in cash. Their responsibilities include all the services they provide, so don’t be tempted to give cash to movers, especially if they ask or hint about it. Reputable companies always warn their staff about the consequences of such behavior.

Prepare for a move

Of course, it is very comfortable when professionals assist you during all the moving procedure, but there are tasks every person can complete himself if he wishes to spend less money on the move. First of all, it is a creation of the checklist and packing. Some companies charge extra for providing a representative who will list all the items to be moved. You can do that yourself and save on this service.

Moreover, other ways to minimize the moving expenses include packing/unpacking, assembly/disassembly of furniture, connecting/disconnecting appliances and devices done by yourself.

Schedule your move

It is a common truth that time is money. Moving companies never lose a chance to take advantage of this quote and charge money for any delays or inconveniences created. That is the reason why you should start preparing for a move in advance and create a detailed plan. Following it, you will prevent doing silly mistakes as well as be confident that everything is done on time. It is very important to be ready for moving fully by the time when movers arrive as any extra time they will spend at yours will cost you money. Two more tasks to complete before the arrival of movers are a reservation of the closest parking place and an elevator.

Process money using a payment method indicated in the contract

Fraudulent attempts can be seen in every industry and moving services are not an exception. There is nothing surprising if a mover offers you to pay for extra services by cash. However, never agree with such suggestions as you will not get a confirmation of the transaction made. The only payment method or several of them must be indicated in your contract, so use only it to avoid extra expenses.

If you consider these simple pieces of advice at the stage of planning your relocation, there are no doubts that you will be able to save some money and avoid extra expenses for sure.

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