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Colin Kaepernick vs. Russell Wilson: Which QB Is Best In The NFC West?

Thanks to the rise of  NFC West division rival quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, one of the most-asked questions among many fans is who is better? 

Wilson or Kaepernick?

While both have uncanny accuracy both in the pocket and on the move, and impressive amount of football intelligence and unlimited upside, both quarterbacks are also very different in various ways.  Below are my observations on how Kaepernick and Wilson are both alike and different at the same time.



Arm Strength

Wilson has a very lively arm. It’s a bit surprising considering his height listed at (5’11”), but the former Wisconsin quarterback can sling it. However, I have to give the edge to Kaepernick. The guy can sling it 70 yards with a simple twitch of his wrist.  Maybe I’m exaggerating, but the former Nevada quarterback is already considered a gunslinger.  

Not surprising, considering the fact that one of his favorite quarterbacks growing up was the infamous Brett Favre. Favre, as that we all know was the quintessential gunslinger. Edge: Colin Kaepernick 



Both Wilson and Kaepernick rely on their legs to make plays. However, both players use their legs for different reasons.  Wilson uses his mobility to escape. The Seahawks didn’t really design a ton of run plays for Wilson, unless that they were goal line carries, and that when they are in goal-line situations.

On the other hand, Kaepernick does both.

You can design run plays for the young quarterback, and that he can scramble. His long legs aid him in terms of covering grounds, and despite his length and his height, Kaepernick is extremely agile.

Kaepernick doesn’t have the straight line speed to match up with track players like Michael Vick and RGIII, but he is a far more versatile runner than both quarterbacks. Edge: Colin Kaepernick



Kaepernick is still a developing quarterback. Despite his wonderful start last year, the young quarterback is still not a finished product. Wilson, despite being in the NFL for one season, is the more polished quarterback between the two.

For such a young quarterback, Wilson has extraordinary accuracy. His accuracy caught my eye in the 49ers-Seahawks Week 7 matchup.  Wilson made some pinpoint throws in the Seahawks 13-6 loss to the 49ers.

A few of the passes that Wilson threw resulted in drops, but you can see the textbook delivery in many of those throws. Edge: Russell Wilson


Football IQ

Both players have good heads on their shoulders. I love about how both quarterbacks not only have the physical qualifications, but also the mental capacity to understand the complexities of football. I’m not here to judge who’s a smarter quarterback.

However, the prevailing thought is that Russell Wilson is farther in his development than Kaepernick, it points to superior intelligence.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Kaepernick isn’t your typical jock. His football IQ is through the roof, which that should aid his development over the years.Edge: Tie



The more polished quarterback will always suffer in comparison to the raw prospect. We all covet something that we haven’t seen yet.   That’s the situation that we face with Kaepernick and his limited starts. Kaepernick has only started in 10 games, while Wilson has played an entire NFL season.

This is a weird situation to begin with, considering the fact that Kaepernick is entering and that in which in general that he is heading into his third NFL season, while that Wilson is only a one year pro. Edge: Colin Kaepernick



Kaepernick comes out victorious when that you add his raw ability plus his much potential and his upside, this is a quarterback that could dominate, and the key word is “COULD,” dominate the league for the next decade whether that people choose and whether that they decide to believe it or not.  I firmly believe that Wilson will be a stud, but if Kaepernick can keep developing, he will be one of the most versatile and explosive quarterbacks that we have ever seen on a football field. Kaepernick can truly revolutionize the quarterback position.

Not that I am being biased–as I am a Vikings fan–I just call it about how that I see it. Only time will tell.

Robert D. Cobb
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