With the college football season comin down the stretch and conference title games right around the corner, the recently-leased College Football Playoff rankings provide a clue as to the importance of the latter.

National title game runner-up Alabama is entrenched at No.1 but has to travel to The Plains and face longtime rival in No.6 Auburn, Defending champion No.2 Clemson appears to be on a collision course with the turnover-chain wearing No.3 Miami Hurricanes, who are OFFICIALLY back, and announced it in a BIG way in destroying longtime–and uberhated Notre Dame, 41-8–in front of alums such as Ed Reed.

And No.4 Oklahoma has what may either be an easy game on the road against Kansas. Or do they?

No.5 Wisconsin has another change to it to its Charmin-soft schedule with a home game vs. No.24 Michigan.

Speaking of the Big Ten, perhaps the biggest beneficiary of all of the upcoming chaos, waiting to jump into the top four is none other than the scarlet and gray Dracula zombies from Columbus in No.9 Ohio State.

How do you figure?

Well, with Miami and Clemson set to eliminate the other and the Iron Bowl likely to drop the loser, plus a potential title game vs the Badgers and the likelihood of Bama-Georgia clashing in the proverbial playoff play-in game known as the SEC title game, all the Buckeyes have to do is lay low sit quietly and win out.

If there is any one thing that college football has taught us by now is expect the unexpected. Best example is the loud and meteoric rise of the Hurricanes, thanks to that ball-hawking aggressive and swagger filled defense and big play offense.

College football is a better sport when the brash and showboating five-time national champs from Coral Gables are in the top five, and thanks to their exciting style of play and suddenly Insta-hot “turnover chain” that is quickly becoming the rage across social media, nonteam wants to see the Hurricanes.

Yes. That means you, Clemson!

With two weeks left in the season, Miami has put all of college football on hurricane watch.

You’ve been warned!

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