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College Football Thoughts: Week 10


November 7, 2016

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Some people say it’s not how you win but IF you win, well tell that to the college football playoff committee.

After not putting Washington in the top 4 and going with Texas A&M the message was sent loud and clear. I am calling this past weekend BEAT DOWN SATURDAY as the top teams won with “style” with scores like 59-3, 62-3, 54-0 ,66-27.

No mercy was shown and Tuesday we will see if it affected anything or will it be some new criteria is coming down the pipe. Thank goodness for LSU and Alabama for giving us an old-school backyard brawl and the Tide came out on top.

Before the FBI takes my IPad for suspect emails here are my thoughts on week 10.

Ohio State: The Buckeyes looked AMAZING on Saturday and they were not playing a cupcake in Nebraska. The cornhuskers came into the game ranked 15th in the nation in defense. J.T. Barrett is rewriting the school record books and the young kids on the roster keep getting better and better.

Could the Buckeyes be a REAL threat to ‘Bama? I want to see this game how about you?

Game of the week will no doubt be USC at Washington. The men of Troy are on a roll and after the slap in the face, the Huskies got last week they crushed Cal and don’t want to let up. A one-loss Pac 12 team will not make the final four since the conference top to bottom isn’t very strong.

And nothing would make USC feel better than crushing the dreams of U-Dub. Side note don’t be surprised if a debate begins between an undefeated Huskies team and a one-loss Buckeyes team. ZERO room for error for Washington.

I see you Washington State and that crazy Mike Leach. 7-2 overall and 6-0 in Pac 12 play. The Apple Cup could be on a whole new level in a few weeks if both teams keep winning.

Lamar Jackson please report to the Downtown Athletic Club and get your Heisman Trophy. Check the kid’s stats 38 total touchdowns, 2,522 yards through the air and almost 1,000 on the ground. It would have been nice to have a real race for it and there have been some outstanding seasons but what Jackson is doing is off the charts.

New school shootout or 3 yards and a cloud of dust? How do you want it because Alabama can give it to you? Big boy pads only Saturday night in Baton Rouge and my big takeaway was this. When is the last time you saw an LSU, team play that hard for 4 quarters? Jalen Hurts showed again that he is not the average freshmen and the D is full of men destined to play on Sunday’s.

 Quick Hitters

  • Penn State is starting to improve under James Franklin, next year could be fun and the Rose Bowl isn’t out of the question THIS year.
    Michigan Vs Ohio State Friday after Thanksgiving……Washington Vs Washington State save some leftovers for that.
  • Prayers Up to Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong and salute to Buckeyes Nation for chanting his name as he was helped by medical staff. Classy Ohio real classy.

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