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Colorado Rockies losing streak
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Colorado Rockies: Current Streak Just Part of the Game

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The Major League Baseball season is a year of ebb and flow. Many teams either good or bad find themselves in streaks. The Colorado Rockies are currently in one of those streaks. Unfortunately, it is a losing streak. They have lost their last five games. Is this a sign of things to come for the rest of the season? On the other hand, is this team as good as they have been playing?

The Colorado Rockies started this current streak in first place of the NL West. They were getting quality pitching and timely hitting from one of the best offenses in the majors. During the last five games that has come to somewhat of a halt. Can the team recover and still be talked about as a contender?

How about yes. Streaks happen in baseball. It is how about how deep you put yourself during said streaks. The one bad thing about the streak of the Colorado Rockies is the timing. They had to start their longest losing streak of the season against the division.

Not only is it about games behind, it is also about how you recover from your streaks. The Colorado Rockies should recover fairly well and soon. Returning to the lineup will be star right fielder, Carlos Gonzalez. In addition, returning to the rotation, from a broken foot, will be the ace, Jon Gray. These returns will help the Rockies return to their winning formula.

How about staying in contention? They are not even out it. For one, It is ONLY June! We have not even reached the All-Star Break. Two, even after losing five games they are still only 4.5 games behind in the division. Three, they have a 7.5 game lead for the second wild-card spot. Therefore, as you can see they are still in a good place.

As I stated losing streaks happen. Look at the last five World Series Champions. They all suffered losing streaks of four games or more at some point in the season.

2016 Chicago Cubs – Four-Game Losing Streak June 20-23, Four-Game Losing Streak June 30-July3, Five-Game Losing Streak July 5-9.

2015 Kansas City Royals – Four-Game Losing Streak May 24-27, Four-Game Losing Streak June 29-July 2, Four-Game Losing Streak Sept 4-7.

2014 San Francisco Giants – Six-Game Losing Streak June 13-20, Four-Game Losing Streak June 26-29, Six-Game Losing Streak July 24-29, Five-Game Losing Streak Aug 7-12.

2013 Boston Red Sox – Never suffered a streak of four or more. However, they did suffer five streaks of three games.

2012 San Francisco Giants – Four-Game Losing Streak May 1-4, Five-Game Losing Streak July 25-30.

As you can see, it is simply a part of a long and grueling 162 game season. The Colorado Rockies are still a very good ball club. They are in a good place. Do not lose faith. The winning will return.

How do you feel about the Colorado Rockies current streak? Leave a comment below.

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