The vast majority of online love compatibility horoscopes, and every other type, are produced from ‘Astrological Software’. You often get free extracts applicable to you and your partner and also access to full-length reports, usually of celebrity couples.

You will find these reports come under a wide range of titles; Relationship reports, Lovers Compatibility, Heaven Sent To Lovers, Compatibility and Romance, Compatibility Horoscopes etc etc.

Often there are subtle differences in the aims of each type of report, so always read the description of what the report is all about.

The astrologer

The supplier of compatibility horoscopes may or may not be the actual astrologer involved with development of, or who uses, specific astrological software. The astrologer may have allowed other webmasters to supply his/her products by selling them a licence.

There is no problem here as it will be the same horoscope product. The advantage of the report coming from the astrologer himself or herself, is the often-supplied facility to email them with any questions you may have.

Either way the web site should provide you with information about the astrologer involved, regardless of whether they are a licensee or not.

Compatibility Horoscopes

The best web sites will let you view or download personalised samples or full reports (usually for a famous couple). More often than not anyone who has a ‘proven product’ will offer you a free sample report to look at.

Many ‘Astrological Software Programs’ allow the producer to include a combination of strong, medium and weak aspects affecting the couple in question. The size of the report may depend on the combination used.

Tips for selecting your compatibility horoscopes

TIP 1 Try to obtain exact birth times for Compatibility Horoscopes. Your report and analysis will be more accurate.

TIP 2 If the web site in question doesn’t offer you a free sample report or extract to assess, then don’t bother with them.

TIP 3 Study the free report to examine the sort of data and advice you will receive.

TIP 4: Expect a profile of, or links to, the astrologer’s experience and expertise.

TIP 5: Expect to be told the number of pages you will receive and the astrological basis of your horoscope report.

TIP 6:Look for ‘Astrological Chart Wheels’ with your report, ideally in color.

TIP 7: Look for a section of the report that explains what the signs, symbols and astrological terms mean.

Selected Compatibility Horoscopes

1. Romantic Forecast: Finds your best days for communication, passion and romance! This report is for someone in a long-term relationship.

2. Relationship Forecast for Couples: Explores the future of your relationship. This forecast reveals the ups and downs of your life as a couple over the next few months.

3. Compatibility & Conflict: Do you have what it takes to create a lasting relationship? Find your compatibility and potential conflicts with your mate. Lucky in love?

4. Heaven Sent Compatibility: Are you and your lover a match made in heaven? Find out if you’ve finally found your soul mate.

5. The Couples Report, Your Combined Passions: Determines how intimate your partnership will become, how others view you as a couple and the unique elements of your union.

6. Relationship Potential Report: Compare your emotional needs with your partner’s and determine your chance at success in love. Explore your relationship and discover how well you bond .

7. Romantic Compatibility: Find out what attracts you to one another and what could keep you apart.

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