Home Security

The basic aim of home security systems is to secure the entry points of a space, like windows and doors, along with the interior space where valuables like guns, coins, artwork, computers, cash, and gold are kept. These systems secure your property through a network of devices and components. They contain several integrated networks of devices that work together through a control panels with an aim to protect against intruders and burglars.

Typically, home security systems include the following components:

  • Window and door sensors.
  • Primary controller known as the control panel.
  • Exterior and interior motion sensors.
  • Security cameras wireless or wired.
  • An alarm system that can produce high-decibel sound.
  • Yard sign are included.
  • Window stickers.

All these components work together to keep your home, yourself, your family, and your assets protected.

Working of Home Security Systems

These systems basically work on the principle of security points of your house form where a burglar can enter. Sensors are installed at different places and they are integrated with a command centre or control panel that is installed inside the house. Open space inside the house can also be made secure with the installation of motion sensors.

Let us see how they work together:

Control Panel: It is a computer through which all the security components are integrated. You can arm or disarm or communicate with the components of your security system through it. It is also responsible for sounding an alarm whenever it senses a security breach.

Window and Door Sensors: These sensors comprise of two components installed adjacent to one another. Usually, first part is mounted on a window or door and the other part is mounted on its frame or sill. When closed, both the parts touch together and create a security circuit. When someone tries to open the door or window without your permission, the control panel identifies it as a security breach and sounds the alarm.

Motion Sensors: These are security components of home security systems that create a zone that no one can breach without buzzing an alarm. Such sensors are often used for protecting areas where valuables are kept.

Surveillance Cameras: Surveillance cameras, such as a doorbell camera, can be wired or wireless. They can be used in several ways to enhance the overall security of your house. They are often installed on distant or hardly accessible areas of the property, in remote buildings like barns, workshops and garages, and on entry points like front doors and garages. A tablet, smartphone or computer can be used to access these cameras remotely. Security breaches can also be recorded, so that you can have footage of the time when a burglar invaded your home.

Alarm: This alarm needs to be loud enough that even your neighbours can hear it. There are different purposes of installing these alarms. First, they alert you about a security breach that has occurred and cause noise high enough to scare away the burglars. If you are not at home, the shrill noise of the alarm can notify your neighbours about the situation.

Yard Sign and Window Stickers: These signs and stickers installed on different places of your house play a major role in enhancing your home security. The sticker of a security company pasted on your front window can tell the burglars that you have professionally installed home security systems in your property, and it would not be wise to attempt burglary here. They effectively convey such message and are often recommended by most security companies.

Do not be late, get in touch with a professional home security systems service provider and let them decide which components are required for your property and what are the right places where they must be installed.



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