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Connor McDavid Deserves Every Bit Of That New Contract Extension

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The Edmonton Oilers are assured of future success with the Connor McDavid contract extension. He’s the heartbeat of a young team that made a big impact in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Without question, McDavid is worth every penny the Oilers have given him.

The reigning NHL MVP, McDavid is only going into his third season. When you think about how dominant he’s been over that course of time, you almost forget that he’s only 20 years of age. And somehow, McDavid is the best player in the game today.

While some argue Sidney Crosby holds the title of league best all player, McDavid singlehandedly guided to Edmonton Oilers to the playoffs. Of course, you can make the case that Crosby did the same for Pittsburgh, although he had some help with Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessell. McDavid is far and away Edmonton’s alpha dog.

The eight-year deal McDavid signed will pay him an average of 12.5 million per season. That’s a bargain considering his age and how much his game can grow. This also ensures Edmonton that McDavid will be a Oilers for almost a decade, guaranteeing them a spot at the elite level of NHL teams.

When you think about dominant athletes currently, you’ll think of LeBron James, Mike Trout, Tom Brady, all of these players gave┬átheir team a chance to compete for a title in their respective sport. In the NHL, there are two of those players, Crosby and McDavid. Although, as Crosby enters his age 30 season, McDavid has a chance to overtake him as the sport’s most dominant and marketable star.

McDavid is a superstar for the game of hockey. While he’s not as recognizable to the casual fan as Crosby, he’s getting into the mainstream spotlight, especially as his remarkable plays are shown on places such as ESPN and Fox Sports. The Oilers playoff push this season helped grow his legacy outside of Canada even more.

You don’t get very many 100 point seasons in the NHL anymore. McDavid accomplished this feat during his second season. Yes, he’s one of the best players in the game today. The remarkable part is he’s still learning the NHL and is far from his peak years.

Edmonton made the right call giving McDavid the huge contract. He’s not only the face of the franchise but the entire NHL as well.

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