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Considerations for Best Hardwood Flooring

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For that long term benefits, you are looking for it is advisable to install quality flooring to your houses. Besides the enhancement of your home, you and your family tend to be more comfortable. You can also look forward to the increase in your home value. Hardwood–or even herringbone flooring is one option which is favored by most homeowners due to its warmth and timeless beauty. This type of flooring speaks of your personality and individuality. Before you decide on this flooring it is important that you consider specific factors.

Choosing Between Engineered Wood and Solid Wood:

Engineered as well as the solid wood, both are made of 100% wood but engineered wood works out a cost effective solution. Besides, this type of wood in not affected by moisture in any way and is easy to maintain.

Wood Flooring

Style Considered:

Considering the style of your property is an important factor to be considered. You need to consider the trim work, door casings and the cabinets’ and make a choice accordingly. You can safely opt for hickory that mixes dark and light shades for traditional settings, or use natural maples for a modern setting. You can experiment with different wood settings if you are into interior designing.

Width of the Board:

These hardwood flooring are available in different board widths. The final appearance depends largely on the width of the board. Board strips with a narrow width are apt for a traditional look and wide boards can work apt for a contemporary or rustic look.

Area of the House:

You must install this kind of flooring depending on the area of the house. yC0onsidering this option helps you determine a right alternative, hence, makes a difference to the choice. Engineered wood is required from beneath the ground level as you might face problems with dampness otherwise.

Durability of the Hardwood Flooring:

Opting for this hardwood flooring requires quite a lot of expenditure. Before opting for a specific hardwood, you should consider the wear and tear. Softer hardwoods can work out durable with a durable finish and a quality sub floor.

Finishing and Staining:

Tough wood is naturally beautiful but staining adds color to the hardwood and beautifies it all the more. Rooms with ample of sunlight can have to floor of darker wood for an exceptional contrast.

Hardwood Flooring

Information on Wood Floor:

Talking about solid wood, you have a choice of three types with each available in the unfinished and the finished type.

  • Plank Flooring:
    With this flooring, you have different widths available, but the thickness is available only in two types. The thickness available is either of ½ an inch or ¾ of an inch with the width ranging from 3 to 8 inches.
  • Strip Flooring:
    This type of flooring has the thickness varying but only a set width. The widths available in this are 2 inches, 11/2 inches or 21/4 inches. The width can be anywhere between 5/16 of an inch to ¾ of an inch.
  • Parquet Flooring:
    These flooring have geometrical patterns made of wood slats in an individual manner that is held either by an adhesive or a mechanical device.

Engineered Wood Flooring:

Plastic laminate veneer is adhered with real wood to produce engineered wood. The difference between laminate wood and engineered wood is that the laminate does not contain any wood.

Getting the required information on hardwood flooring, it gets easier to make a choice. All you need now to do is research for a well-reputed manufacturer who offers you the different options available. Make sure to compare the prices of two or more manufacturers so that you get sure of getting a good deal. A little research conducted can be beneficial before you opt for the hardwood flooring.


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