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Coupon and Its Incredible Benefits For both Provider and Buyer


June 16, 2020

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Currently, coupon and voucher are very familiar terms that often appear on the websites of stores. It is loved by many consumers thanks to the huge benefits it brings. Because of its helpfulness, many sites with the service of aggregating coupons were born. However, have you known its benefits and how to use it?

Coupons are tickets/vouchers/discount codes launched by manufacturers or retailers in their promotions. Depending on the policy, coupons may have expiry dates and conditions. Currently, on the market, there are many different forms of coupons such as free shipping, buy 1 get 1 free, discounts for customers to try the service experience…

There are currently 2 basic types of coupons:

Online Coupon: A character string (consisting of letters, numbers or both). You can use it both online and offline.

Offline Coupon: This is the form of coupons that are only used directly at stores. At checkout, you only need to give the coupon to the cashier. At this time, you will receive a direct discount on the bill.

Coupon’s benefits

For Supplier…

On the supplier side, the company issues discount codes for the purpose of direct promotion to customers in order to sell more goods. The benefits of discount codes here can also be considered as an advertising channel, viral or brand.

Another benefit of coupon is that it gradually becomes goods on e-commerce sites, thereby bringing coupon codes of businesses and distributors to consumers as quickly as possible.

Businesses also use the benefits of coupon codes to collect customer information, survey the market, evaluate their products … To receive a free coupon code, customers will usually have to fill out the survey form or leave your phone number, email address…

Not only that, any of us who receive offers from any shopping site feel good and tend to come back the next time. On the commercial side, this type of marketing is much less costly. It both helps to increase the amount of goods sold and attract customers to use the service.

For consumer …

On the consumer side, the benefit of coupon is to help them save a living expense and create a habit of saving. In fact, there are still a lot of customers who have the good conditions in finance, but they still like to buy discounted goods.

Of course, coupon is not completely free. Customers who are in need will have to pay (or provide information) for the coupons that they are given. However, if you compare this fee with the actual value when buying goods and services without using vouchers or promotional codes, it still helps users save their purchase.

How to find coupons when shopping online

Usually, coupon codes are only offered by businesses and websites to new customers who are using the service for the first time or their loyal customers. The number of codes you receive will be limited during the month, but you can still find and use the codes you haven’t received. That is at coupon sites, which are often aggregated from the use of various virtual accounts in multiple online shopping sites that are then uploaded for nonprofit purposes. 

Additionally, choosing the most appropriate time to hunt coupon codes is a great way to get the best discounts. Major e-commerce sites with many great offers often launch coupons codes with biggest save in prime times. Therefore, as a shopper with a lot of experience, you should shop at the best time you think.  

How to use coupon effectively

Any coupon code that wants to use the most effectively needs to understand the main factors such as promotion level (30%, 50%,…), expiry date, customer applies and product type. In addition, the object of application is also clearly defined. Not all of code is usable, so you should carefully read the list of products and conditions apply.

To suit customers of all ages, entering the coupon code is easy and greatly simplified by shopping sites. After selecting the product to buy, you click payment. In the box, you enter some necessary information such as address, name and phone number,… then enter the code in the box of entering coupons and discounts, and complete the payment. Depending on the different web and app, the process is a bit different. 

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