It is no surprise that due to COVID-19 pandemic, the world is not feeling normal with overwhelm and panic among certain communities. Everyday new tensions are growing as the number of Coronavirus cases are growing in the most prominent people holding key positions.

Since many caring professionals are constantly encouraging people to stay home and ensure that their loved ones remain safe from the Coronavirus threat, the forced isolation is taking a toll on people’s minds and badly affecting their mental and physical wellbeing.

We can help you to settle down in the midst of economic crisis and offer you some valuable tips to settle to this new norm that is likely to inject fear into your lives for days to come.

Financial Anxiety and Health Concerns are Impacting Marketing Professionals

If you think you are the only one who is worried as a marketing professional about your business and personal health, then we must ensure you that there are millions out there who are battling their fiancés and trying to find new ways to cope with financial crisis. There is no surprise that the epidemic is rampant and quickly deteriorating the economy, people are unable to benefit from the assets and applying for jobs due to layoffs. The stock market is also plummeting, businesses are losing clients, and there are talks to global recession in 2020 that hit the world community big time.

The bottom line is, there are tensions of all kinds out there to confuse your brilliant marketing mind; which is why there is a dire need of adopting a hopeful behavior and reduce your costs drastically including the marketing budget. You need to prepare for the worst, so where do we go from here?

If you think this is the wrong time to pursue your marketing goals and continue your marketing efforts, then you are seriously wrong. There is however a need for doing your digital marketing and SEO differently than before due to forced lockdown; let us discuss the 5 essential strategies for helping you stay connected with your prospective customers and keep your nerves from getting frayed.

  1. Cut your other Costs and Invest in Marketing

By reducing your marketing budget, you can save yourself from the temptation of spending too much on unnecessary or entertainment expenses and start investing more in the marketing budgets. Some professionals might be thinking due to new normal, that is COVID-19 lockdown, they should cut down and splash their marketing costs to save money for the future. However, there are a number of reasons why you should not do that:

  • If you cut the marketing costs, your gains of profitability will not remain permanent. Because this crisis is always behind us and the world market is facing terrible problems, your cutting down the marketing budgets will further ravage the impacts of recession and further reduce your brand awareness. That will weaken your relationships with the existing customers and can leave you high and dry.
  • If you are finding it difficult to build and maintain a brand in this time, then it is the best time to reposition yourself as a trusted, reliable, and reassuring professional business owner for your clients.
  • As other brands are cutting down their budgets and facing the same dilemma due to forced lockdown, you can still invest in marketing and prove to them that you want to stand out from the rest by improving your competitive advantage. Therefore, investing wisely in the marketing tactics is the best thing to do.
  1. Forced Isolation Calls for Different Marketing Measures

Bill and Melinda Gates always state in their Foundation meetings, “tough times calls for innovative measures”. When it comes to lead generation and marketing in the middle of global Corona crises, you probably have to pull our new tricks from your bag of ideas and start innovating new strategies to cope with possible threats and failures. The sad truth is that your same old traditional SEO strategies may not work best in your interests today; this is why social distancing calls for going through tactics that polish up new skills.

What does that mean? This means that you need to use this time wisely to brush up your skills and learn to write effective yet brief stories for boosting marketing.

  1. Use Video as Often as Daily

There has never been a best time to utilize the power of digital video marketing to get closer to your customers in the time of social distancing. According to Neil Patel, 87% of businesses are using video marketing as a powerful tool and 84% marketers claim that video has tremendously helped them to boost their marketing. You can for example create one-on-one strategies by communicating with your clients, you can also create and send a personal video to clients and introduce yourself or your team.

Videos can do miracles for your marketing; you can also send a product demo or services presentation by using video tools available free online. You can send new customers a thank you note and show compassion towards serving them.

Using Animated Videos

Unlike traditional videos, you can use animated videos more effectively while working remotely for the clients. You can use your intentions behind the animations by adding a fun factor for the viewers to like your videos. Animated videos can tackle the challenge of coping with the social distancing dramatically; a recent survey by the Sprout indicates that animated videos are rated 33% more informative and entertaining than the normal videos. This is why they deliver a 15% higher conversion rate and customers share them 3 times more than the usual videos. In addition, animated videos are more likely to boost your sales twice compared to other videos.

  1. Recreate your Business Presentations

Do you rely on presentations to play a crucial role in the sales meetings and lead generation? You may not be able to present to your global audience right now face to face; however, the social isolation cannot stop you from presenting in creative ways. For example, there are plenty of platforms to upload and share your presentations with the prospective clients and audiences using:

  • Slideshare platform
  • Share the best slides and images on the social media groups and pages.
  • Export the presentations as videos.
  • Reinvent presentations as infographcis.
  • Convert portions of them into animated GIFs and turn them into online slideshows.
  • Use free online tools such as ‘Snidely’ to create impact.
  1. Refresh your Keywords Research to a new Level

During the forced isolation times, it is harder to add boosters to your website and plan keyword research. However, people are deeply impacted by what they want to buy during this crisis. Ask a few questions from your SEO team:

  • What are the new types of customers who can help you in this new type of pandemic.
  • Can you and your team can solve some new problems customers are facing.
  • Is there a different ways to use the products or services to help the customers in these circumstances.
  • Is there something about your brand that makes you well-suited for helping customers in these circumstances.

With these strategies in the middle of lockdown, you can not only create amazing content for your customers facing new problems and devise your keywords strategy to elevate your SEO to suite the turbulent times.



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