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COVID-19: The Psychological Impact of Quarantine and How to Reduce It

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The effects of quarantine, due to the new coronavirus, have been felt all around the globe. While industry and national economies have been heavily impacted, there’s also a substantial impact on the mental health of people everywhere. The lockdown has caused many people to be stuck at home for long periods on end.

Try to be aware of your emotions and deal with them as best you can. Read on for some more information on the effects of quarantine, and how you can try to protect mental health during this time.

The effects of quarantine on mental health

There are many effects of quarantine on people’s mental health. It’s essential to be aware of how you’re feeling so that you can better deal with your emotions. Remember, it’s not just people with pre-existing mental health problems that have been affected.

The primary symptom that most people have to deal with is stress. This could be more extreme for people who previously struggled with anxiety. It can be challenging to deal with the fact that no one can really say what’s happening and when it will end. Stress and anxiety are often caused by a lack of control, something that everyone has to come to terms with.

Another severe impact for many people is the loneliness of isolation. Some people are quarantined on their own, which can be very difficult to deal with. Even those isolated with families can miss the interaction with peers and friends.

In today’s age, there’s a massive focus on the importance of mental health. There are lots of online resources to help you to understand your emotions better. It’s vital to be aware of your mental health during quarantine and to get support if you need it.

Ways to deal with the impact of quarantine

There are methods you can use to protect mental health while dealing with the lockdown. Below are some ways to deal with any issues you might be experiencing and with trying to stay positive.

Finding fun distractions

Another important thing to do is try to have fun during this time. An industry that’s seen an increase in popularity at this time is online gaming. There’s so much out there and something that everyone can enjoy. Gaming is another way to relieve yourself of the stress and anxiety you can experience in quarantine.

One of the most popular areas of online gaming is online casinos. Here, you can find a vast range of games all in one place. Take a look at some Canadian online casino reviews to find the best providers to try.


This is something that many people find helpful when dealing with stress and anxiety. There are many ways you can meditate, but the aim is to calm your mind and get rid of negative thoughts.

Most methods for meditation focus on breathing. You want to still your body in order to still your mind. Focusing on the breath gives you something to think about while you’re releasing the negative thoughts.

There are many online sites to teach you meditation. You can also find apps that will guide you through.

Keeping yourself busy

If you can work from home, then that’s a great way to pass the time while stuck inside. If not, make a list of jobs that you’ve been meaning to do. Most people always have a list of stuff that they don’t have time to prioritise. Well, now is a perfect time.

By keeping busy, it gives you something to focus on and makes you feel more in control. These can be simple things like doing a spring clean or cooking a meal that takes longer than you usually have time for. Keeping a structure will help you to reduce that out-of-control feeling.

Staying social

Support from your friends and family is one of the best ways to protect mental health. Social isolation can make us feel very alone. It’s so important to keep connected to the outside world.

You can schedule video calls with your family and friends. Make up quizzes, play games, or think of fun activities. Having regular contact will give you something to look forward to each week.

If you’re struggling with your mental health during quarantine, then talk about it. Reach out to a close friend or family member that you can talk to when you have a hard day. Being social is part of being human. We need to keep our connections and get through this together.


The effects of quarantine are felt by everyone, and it’s important to protect your mental health during this crisis. If you’re more aware of how you’re feeling, it’s easier to deal with your emotions.

The content in this article was developed using tips from our guest posting expert, Lucas Goldberg.




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