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Craig Roberts Bringing His Unique Flair Onto Hollywood Scene

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The Fundementals of Caring has been met with positive response from critics and movie fans. The Netflix original film stars Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez. Craig Roberts is also included, who is an actor many need to take notice of.

Roberts Hollywood resume isn’t quite extensive. The 25-year-old actor hasn’t been the focal point of many big budget films, but that’s okay. Roberts is actually quite the acclaimed actor, as he has starred (and even directed) some well received projects.

It was in the 2010 film, Submarine, that Roberts emerged onto the scene. He received numerous awards for the performance from the British Independent Film Awards, London Critics Circle Film Awards, and the Empire Awards.

What makes Roberts a unique talent is his ability to not only act, but direct as well. He directed the 2015 film, Just Jim, which starred Emile Hirsch. Like his role in Submarine, Roberts received much praise for his project, placing in many festivals across the U.K.

Born in Bargoed, Wales, Roberts roots are firmly overseas, but he’s garnered himself an exceptional catalog of films in America as well. Roberts has been in films such as 22 Jump Street, Neighbors, and a lead role in the popular Amazon series, Red Oaks.

Roberts is well on his way to becoming a known actor. Red Oaks got renewed for a second season, and Fundementals of Caring will only help grow his stock amongst the movie world. He doesn’t have much in the pipeline, but that could all change in the coming months.

Be on the lookout for Craig Roberts, and make sure to check out his films Submarine, Just Jim, and Fundementals of Caring. All three are superb films that showcase a great actor in Roberts.

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