If you’re currently planning your nuptials, then you will certainly appreciate any tips you can get. Planning a wedding can be a momentous task, especially if you are having a big ceremony and are feeling the pressure to please everyone. People joke about eloping, but at this stage, you may seriously be considering it!

Don’t fear; with these tips, you should be able to make the process a little less stressful, so your big day goes off without a hitch.

Keep The Drinks Flowing

One of the vital ingredients for a successful wedding is a topped-up bar. Once the guests start helping themselves to the bubbly, everyone will be able to start winding down and the party can finally get started. If you hire bartenders from eventbartenders.com they will ensure that none of your guests are ever left with an empty glass, and will keep the cocktails flowing. If you like, they can even create a signature cocktail for you and your spouse to celebrate your special day.

Pick Your Wedding Party

Deciding which friends and family will be a part of your wedding day is essential, as they are the people responsible for keeping you calm and offering emotional support. When picking your wedding party, only choose people you know are reliable and won’t flake on you. Weddings are all about preparation and organization, so your wedding party needs to be on their A-game if they are going to help you out and ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. Don’t think that you have to do it all on your own – get your wedding party involved and delegate tasks.

Stick To A Theme

It’s all too easy to become lost on Pinterest and end up falling in love with every style and décor idea, but remember, you are on a budget, and as such, you need to select a theme and stick to it.

Some theme suggestions include:

· Boho chic: wildflowers, artisan rugs, fairy lights

· 1920s vintage: flapper headbands, art deco invitations

· Rustic: greenery, lanterns, barrels,

· Romantic: florals, pastels, hanging lights

· Beach: starfish ornaments, shells, palm leaves

It’s really up to you and your partner, so discuss this together to decide what you prefer.

Consider The Weather

Outdoor weddings can be truly beautiful, and will certainly make for some great photos, but just make sure that you check the weather before you start booking. For instance, if you want an outdoor wedding but it looks like there is going to be heavy rain on your big day, have a back-up plan. Don’t let the rain ruin your day.

Have A Clear Seating Arrangement

To avoid any confusion amongst your guests, make sure that you have a clear seating arrangement. Also, remember that it matters where your guests sit; for your closest loved ones, you will want them at the front, so they are closer to the bridal table. Try and group people together who get along, as we all know that not all families get along!

Just remember, this is your special day! You and your partner are the ones who put all your effort into making this day one to remember, so make sure that you are able to enjoy it

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