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Curry To Break Allen’s Three-Point Record On Wednesday

The Golden State Warriors will have the sixth seed in the Western Conference locked up with a win over the Portland Trail Blazers on the road or a loss by the Houston Rockets against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday.

Besides the playoff positioning, point guard Stephen Curry needs to make two three-pointers to break Ray Allen’s record of 269 made in a single season. He got a chance Monday to tie the record as he made seven of 13 attempts on Monday against the San Antonio Spurs.

Allen set the record in 2005-2006 with the Seattle Sonics in 78 games he shot 41.2 percent from beyond the arc, on three several occasions made eight in a game and the most he attempted was 16 and in total attempted 653 threes, which ranks no.2 all-time for a single season.

Surprisingly enough it was the Dallas Mavericks’ George McCloud in the 1995-1996 season that holds the record for attempts at 678, he shot a respectable 37.9 percent that season.

It’s safe to say that Curry’s 2012-2013 season is the greatest in NBA history. He ranks no.1 in percentage of those who have taken at least 500 threes in a season, Mitch Richmond is a distant second at 43.7 percent and he went 225-515 in 1995-1996.

What makes the season more impressive than Allen’s is that at this point Curry has taken 64 less shots, he’s made more than eight twice including 11 against the New York Knicks and in that game missed only two from beyond the arc and the most threes he’s taken in a game has been 15.

Only question is how many will he make on Wednesday?

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