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The CW: 3 Shows You’re Missing

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When it comes to the CW the first thing, most people think of our its superhero shows. While it is true the network has enjoyed success with their crime fighters; there’s a growing list of shows audiences have skimmed over. With shows like the hit series The Flash and Arrow, it’s easy to see why if you’re not a fan you might shy away from this channel. Even this fall, The CW is bringing yet another superhero into their programming fold from CBS, Supergirl. While there’s growing concern that they’re saturating their market, here’s a list of shows you could be missing out on:

3. Supernatural is the channel’s longest running show. In its 12th season, it’s set to pass 7th Heaven and be the first show on the network over 250 episodes. The series follows brothers John and Dean, who pick up their father’s work of hunting, well obviously the supernatural. In the constant battle between good and evil, the brothers are taken down a dark journey that leads them to investigate who killed their mother.

Supernatural is one of those shows where you either love the genre, or you don’t. In its previous 11 seasons, the show has been through its ups and downs as far as ratings. However, the show continues to have it’s cult following carrying the show through. Supernatural is tailor-made for anyone looking to start a new show and doesn’t want to rush through seasons in a weeks time. With 241 episodes before the next season begins, there’s plenty of content to be desired. Season 12 kicks off, sooner than later, in its new time slot Thursday, October 13th. The first 10 seasons are also streaming on Netflix.

2. iZombie is still technically a comic book show. However, it’s more of a cop dramedy than a superhero show. The show follows Olivia Moore; a former medical student turned zombie after attending the wrong party. On the plus side being a zombie isn’t so bad. Liv quickly learns a unique trait. She finds herself working in the coroner’s office because zombies eat brains and the only place to get low-key edible delights, would be a morgue. From there, visions of how people died, lead her to a hobby working with a local detective to solve murders.

iZombie is the perfect break up of traditional comic book shows. It’s witty charm and unique cast give it a perfect balance of story and charm. With a market filled with overly serious cop shows, the CW brings to life a DC comic that switches up the genre. It’s a slightly more intriguing version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, if only for the zombie aspect. The CW is bringing iZombie back for its 3rd season in 2017 and season 1 is currently on Netflix.

1. If not for the superhero shows, The 100 could be one of the CW’s most solid shows. The 100 is set 97 years after a nuclear war destroys the planet forcing whats left of the population to board habitable space stations. When the space stations run out of resources, the council sends 100 juvenile delinquents back down to earth to scout for safer living conditions.

The 100 is hands down one of the most underrated shows on television. Initially, the show is a tough pill to swallow but try this tip. Give a show, any show, until the season’s finale before you give up on it and you’ll find much more shows you enjoy.

If the cliffhanger ending to a season isn’t enough to keep you coming back, the show isn’t for you. The 100 is one of those shows that you need to get a few episodes deep to enjoy really. If you can get past the teen angst in the first few episodes, the show brings out the intensity and tone. The show is a little bit of Star Trek and a little bit of Lost, but unique in its way. Season 4 starts January 21st on the CW, and you can catch up on seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix.

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