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Dallas Cowboys: Is this the end of the Tony Romo era?

We may be seeing the end of the Tony Romo era with the Dallas Cowboys.

As I reported during their preseason game against Seattle, there was a moment in the game where Tony Romo was clutching his back and was pulled out of the match. Although he felt fine to return to the game, head coach Jason Garrett decided to pull him from the game. After that, there was speculation that he would not play in the team’s final preseason game. Usually, the starter does not play a good portion of the last preseason game and it was the right move for Garrett to pull him when he did.

It’s now being reported through various media outlets that Tony Romo will be out 6-10 weeks after MRI results found that he has a broken bone in his back. Since his rookie season in 2003, Tony Romo has had several injuries that have shelved him for chunks of entire seasons.

I am a firm believer that Tony Romo should just hang it up already. He is in his mid-30s and has had several injuries that included his back, neck, and other body parts. Being that he is no spring chicken, the Cowboys should take precautions with him. Also, he is in a rare class as he has played for 13 years, while the average NFL QB’s career lasts for roughly 3.3 years.

Being that he is an out of pocket quarterback, he seems to have his percentage of getting injured goes up. Also, Dak Prescott has shown some positive light in his few preseason starts.

If I’m the Cowboys, I would start thinking about my future and the post-Romo era and realize they may need to go to another QB to take over. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and wouldn’t be an NFL season without Tony Romo news relating to injury.

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