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Dallas Cowboys Suspensions Will Cost Them On And Off Field, Lesson One In Accountability Starts Now

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The Dallas Cowboys have been awarded the opportunity to play in the NFL Hall of Fame Game in just a few hours. While this game isn’t significant for the starters, team management will learn about the other personnel they’ll have going forward. Going into the game tonight, Ezekiel Elliott is still under investigation for a domestic incident. Nolan Carroll still has the arrest tied to his name, and there are a handful of more cases pending for the young Cowboys players.

This game, while it means football is back, will serve as a means for coaches to observe the talent in place of those facing possible disciplinary action. And, hopefully, it will show those who don’t play tonight that football is a privilege. Not a “right”. If the players don’t learn self-control and learn it fast, they could see the end of a career before it ever begins.

As reported by Pro Football Talk, the Cowboys have already been fined for the suspension of Randy Gregory last year. Any more suspensions could cost them more money. While this game and even the preseason itself might seem meaningless to fans, it is really an important step on the journey to the regular season. Not only is this game a chance for coaches to evaluate players, but it’s a chance for young players to realize a dream.

More importantly, this game will prove to the young talent why accountability should be priority one. As of tonight, just like the rest of the time with the team, every action matters. Tonight coaches will start to see who can make an impact, and fans will see the identity of the team begin to take shape.

Management learns (the hard way) that teaching accountability is important with each fine slammed on the team. It’s time the players did as well. The Cowboys have a tradition where rookies “earn the star” on their helmets. This tradition makes it seem as though the logo is held in the highest regard. From now on, the organization itself should be held in the highest regard as well. Major sports media outlets favor the Cowboys to win the NFC East. Many fans believe, with the distractions, the Cowboys won’t go far at all. The time to “put up or shut up” is now. Welcome back, Dallas Cowboys football.

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