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Daniel Bruhl Signs On To Play Villain In Captain America: Civil War

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Marvel.com has reported that a new “baddie” has been added to the cast of Captain America: Civil War. Well that is to say that they have signed Daniel Bruhl (Inglorious Basterds and The Fifth Estate) to play said villain.

I know it’s cruel to lead you to think I’m going to reveal the identity of the character Bruhl will be playing. As a matter of fact it’s downright…villainous of me. Point of fact – the identity of that character has yet to be released.

However, peculation as to which villainous character he will be playing is sure to reach a fever pitch before the big reveal.

So…who’s it going to be?

Will it be Baron Helmut Zemo, the son of Heinrhich Zemo a former elite Nazi scientist?  Or will it be Doctor Faustus? Faustus is not only a psychiatrist AND criminal mastermind, but an ally of the Red Skull and Arnim Zola.

Maybe fingers will be pointing us in the direction of The Grand Director, the leader of a Neo-Nazi group called National Force.  There is always Master Man, who is basically a Nazi “super soldier” enhanced by a Nazi version of the super soldier serum.

Regardless of who he plays (COUGH Dr. Faustus COUGH COUGH) they have signed an incredible actor to join the ranks of an already great cast that includes Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chadwick Boseman.

Producer Kevin Feige said, “With Daniel’s ability to deliver intense, nuanced performances, we knew we had found yet another great actor to share the screen with some of our biggest heroes”.

I’m sure that we won’t have to wait until its release on May 6th 2016, but it is fun to speculate.

In fact I invite you to start speculating RIGHT NOW. Down below there is a comment section, and I would love to see who people think Bruhl is being cast to play. Let’s remain civil please. Now…HAVE AT IT!

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