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Dating & Relationships : How to Become an Alpha Female in Today’s Society

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Do you think you have what it takes to be an alpha female in today’s society?

Becoming an alpha female requires mastering the fine art of balancing femininity with strength and power. Alpha females are secure, assertive, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. These women scratch and claw their way to the top. Let’s just hope those around you are cat people. Meow.

Alpha females often intimidate people because they have what others lack. These women have the ability to accomplish everything they set their minds to and they look good doing it. I have put together the top five traits of alpha females.

If you follow these guidelines you’ll be ready to charm the pants off everyone, just make sure you tell them to put them back on.

  • Be Confident —  Confidence is the key to becoming an alpha female. You will not get very far without displaying that you are comfortable in your own skin. Remaining strong around people who doubt you is hard, but it is necessary. Alpha females look people in the eye when they talk to them, they command attention when they walk into a room, and they can start a conversation with anyone. Alpha females believe it’s important to always be yourself.  After all, there is no one else better at being you.


  • Be Independent — To be an alpha female, you need to be independent. You cannot be considered an alpha female if you are depending on anyone else. Alpha females call the shots of their own life and they have the mentality that they can only count on themselves. These strong and secure women don’t rely on anyone else to make them happy. They create their own success by working hard, asserting themselves, and never giving up. They are both ballers and shot callers.


  • Look Presentable — Looking presentable does not mean looking perfect but it’s important to showcase your assets and minimize your flaws. Alpha females accentuate the positive and ignore the negative, or they just put makeup on it. Sadly, people will judge you on your appearance and if it looks like you have yourself together, you will go further. You don’t need expensive clothing or a ton of makeup, but make yourself a force to be reckoned with.


  • Know Your Worth — Alpha females always know their worth and don’t allow anyone to treat them badly. It is important to alpha females to never go against their morals and personal beliefs. Alpha females always stand up for themselves and everything they believe in. These confident women make sure to keep their heels, heads, and standards high.  To sum it up, alpha females never settle.


  • Own It — Alpha females rock whatever it is about them that makes them unique and they own it. These fierce women show the world that no one will get to them. Owning it requires strength and courage. Sticks and stones won’t break their bones and words definitely won’t hurt them.

These powerful women live by the motto: “I may not be perfect but certain parts of me are pretty awesome”.  Alpha females use their awesome traits to stand out. One thing is for sure, you will always notice an alpha female and you will never forget her either.

Remember, becoming an alpha female starts from the inside out. Inner confidence shows on the outside and that energy translates to other people. It’s all a balancing act. You can’t be too nice but you also can’t be too aggressive or you’ll go from alpha female-to-female dog in 0 to 60.

Try these five steps and see if you don’t have more success whether it’s in business, dating, or just in life in general.

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2 thoughts on “Dating & Relationships : How to Become an Alpha Female in Today’s Society

  1. It’s a great start and well written, but missing so much of what a Type A women is all about. This seems like a view from 50k feet, or the outside looking in. Type A women come with a lot more than confidence, and a good pair of shoes.

    1. Thank you for reading and replying, Michelle. I am more Type A but this is a short and sweet overview. My posts will never be long winded as the attention span of most readers isn’t very long, myself included. I am glad you want to see more, I am sure we could think of a dozen more things about alpha females. Thank you for your feedback. *Shannon*

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