So a lackluster All-Star race has come and gone. Kyle Busch swept NASCAR weekend – winning the truck race Friday night as well. However, the reason I’m fired up is not because he won, nor the fact I can’t stand his whiny little punk-ass. It’s something I noticed after the race and I hope a lot of you noticed as well.

After the smoke cleared from the donuts and the bows were taken, Kyle pulled the 18 into Victory Lane. And of course, Monster had their “spokeswomen” there. Here’s my problem. Samantha was nowhere in sight. It seemed like a couple of sponsor heads were keeping her from getting to Kyle until after his TV interview. Now on twitter and Facebook, a lot of people noticed it as well.

What has this damn sport come to when sponsor plugs are more important than family when it comes to Victory Lane?

Back when Winston, then Nextel/Sprint ran the show the families were prominent. Now the whole deal changes with an “edgy” brand. We know they have the Supercross Title sponsor and none of those guys are single and don’t mind having the women hang off them. But NASCAR drivers, the majority of them have families. Look at Talladega for instance. You would figure after Stenhouse’s win, Danica would be by his side for the interview. She leaned into the car, had a moment and was ushered by a sponsor exec.

C’mon guys…really? This is getting older than Kyle winning Truck and Xfinity Series races. Things need to change before things go south quick. Monster needs to back off a few things and this is the biggest.

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