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Denver Broncos: 4 thoughts against the Los Angeles Rams

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With week 3 of the preseason in the books, the decisions are being made. Teams now have to cut down their rosters to 75 players by Tuesday. For the Denver Broncos, a major question was answered along with some underlying content. Let us take a look at what was week three against the Los Angeles Rams.

Trevor Siemian is the winner.

The lone roster holds over from the 2015 season at quarterback did nothing to hurt his chances of being named the starter for 2016. He went 10/17 for 122 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT. The turnover came on a tipped ball down near the goal line on a ball that fell incomplete, as they say in the crowd. The call was upheld after replay. However, Siemian did not let the issue bother him, as he did the previous week. He looked sharp in subsequent drives. He fact he led the Denver Broncos on a seven play, 65 yards TD drive in the second quarter. I believe not naming Siemian as the starter would be a surprise to everyone.

Does the Denver Broncos defense have a weakness?

We all know that the Broncos have a tremendous pass rush. However, I think that the Los Angeles Rams were able to show some things on how to beat this vaunted defense. When the Rams would use bunch formations and throw into the flats, they would get big chunks of yardage. Yes, I know that the Rams only came away with 9 points. This was the result of self-implosion. Watch the as the season progresses to see how teams try to game plan against the quick pass rush.

Aquib Talib will fall victim to personal foul fines.

The Denver Broncos CB Aquib Talib plays with a reckless abandon that is going to cost him eventually time on the field. We all know about the nightclub incident in Dallas that could cost him time, however, is on-field actions could too. Talib laid out Rams QB Case Keenum on a hit that was truly unnecessary. He is going to have to reign in, or the Broncos are going to be without his services. Immediately following the hit, Head Coach Gary Kubiak, pulled Talib from the game. Can afford to do this in a regular season game? We will see. I do know that Talib is going to be under a watchful eye.

Mark Sanchez rent a QB.

Sanchez did not see a down in the dress rehearsal. This is leading many to believe that his time on the Denver Broncos will be short lived. I believe this to be true as well. If the Broncos release Sanchez, they save $4.5 million dollars and a seventh-round draft pick. They could also see if they trade him. With the recent injury to Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, the Cowboys may make an ideal partner. I would think that any release or trade of Sanchez would not come until after the Week 4 preseason game. The Broncos do not want to put Siemian or Paxton Lynch in any danger of being hurt. This could easily make Mark Sanchez a one-week rental.

Can the Denver Broncos repeat in 2016? It is going to be tough. Their defense is good enough to keep them in games. I think 2016 will be a season in which we will see how well Gary Kubiak can coach.

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