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Denver Broncos: 5 thoughts after second preseason game

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The 2016 Denver Broncos are in the middle of one of the most admired QB competitions in the league. The battle between lone roster holdover, Trevor Siemian, veteran Mark Sanchez, and rookie Paxton Lynch may come down to the final preseason game. There is also some other things from the week two preseason game that I observed. Here is my review.

Trevor Siemian

Siemian got the start this week in the carousel competition. He was performing extremely well. Siemian looked like he was taking a firm grasp on the Denver Broncos starting and then he made a mistake. He threw a pick six. At the time the mistake seemed to be a huge one in the chances of winning the starting job. Siemian would not look the same after the interception. He would finish his stint 10/14 for 75 yards and 1 INT.

Mark Sanchez

Sanchez would take over in the second quarter. He was doing some good things. He made a couple of audibles and got the Broncos offense into a couple of nice situations. However, he would have some typical Marks Sanchez moments. He would fumble twice on drives in the second quarter. Both times were trying to escape the pocket. These were both in scoring position in which the Denver Broncos would come away with no worse than 3 points. He finished 10/17 for 120 yards 0 TDs, 0 INTs, and two fumbles! These are the types of turnovers that Sanchez in known for throughout his career. He has to find a way to break this moniker. If not, he will find himself as a career backup QB.

Paxton Lynch

Lynch played the entire second half of the game. He would lead the Denver offense into several scoring opportunities. He would show lots of poise. He played well enough with the 3rd and 4th string to earn a spot playing with the starters. His lone mistake came on the final drive when the Denver Broncos had to try and press their way up the field. Those mistakes are going to happen when you are young. Heck, they even happen to the wily vet. Lynch would finish 15/26 113 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT. I know Head Coach Gary Kubiak may not want to go with his future in week 1, but if given a chance with the 1s and he performs well, why not.


The Denver Broncos defense did not look as sharp as it did during their last preseason game. The uptempo, read option offense of the 49ers had them off guard all night. This was with the likes of Von Miller, Brandon Marshall and others on the field. A positive from the defense was the play of DT Derek Wolfe. He made some serious run stuffing plays during the first couple of San Francisco drives. I like this kid.

Devontae Booker made his case again. He is a strong, shifty runner with great acceleration. He showed good vision. I would like to see them use him more in the passing game. He is going to be a great addition to that Kubiak run game.

The Denver Broncos are looking strong. They have shown over the first two weeks of the preseason that they are ready to defend their title. No matter the QB or RB the Broncos going to be at or near the top. The defense will fix the issues from last night. We will get a good read next week against the Los Angeles Rams. Stay tuned.

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