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Denver Broncos: Three Players to watch during Training Camp

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When you watch the Denver Broncos, you ask yourself, where is this team headed? They have a new coaching staff, 3 young QBs and one of the best defenses in the league. Can they challenge for the AFC West? Can they just challenge for a wild-card spot? What players will help them get there if they do? Those are all good questions. We know the big names like Von Miller, Chris Harris Jr., Emmanuel Sanders, and Demaryius Thomas. What about some of the others. Here are three more names that you will want to watch for the Broncos in 2017.

DeMarcus Walker – DE

The Denver Broncos drafted Walker in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. With the struggles, that the Broncos had in 2016 you can see why they went this route. Walker is a solid pass rushing DE. He is also very good against the run.

Walker will be a welcomed addition to the Broncos front seven. This was an area that opposing teams knew was weak in 2016. Not only will he compliment Von Miller when it comes to pressuring the QB, he will be able to stop opposing running backs from gaining huge chunks. Keep your eye on how the Broncos defensive staff utilizes this young talent in 2017.

Jake Butt – TE

Butt would have been the third-highest TE on the board after OJ Howard and David Njoku. However, he blew his knee out in the Citrus Bowl. If healthy and cleared for training camp this kid will rise quickly. The Denver Broncos are not very strong at this position. Behind veteran, Virgil Green there is room for improvement.

Jake Butt could become a steal for Denver. He has hands like magnets, he has the size and strength to block, and will be a solid asset in the red zone. He also is very good after the catch. Again, the key will be the knee. If that is straight, the Denver Broncos have themselves a solid TE for years to come.

Paxton Lynch – QB

Reports out of Denver Broncos mini-cam and OTAs is that Paxton Lynch has closed the gap between him and Trevor Siemian. Lynch is a tall QB standing at 6’7”. He is mobile for his size. Unlike former Broncos QB, Brock Osweiler, Lynch has a quick release. Coming out of Memphis I had Lynch as the third best QB. It was only a matter of time before he would be an NFL starter. His time could be coming.

If the Denver Broncos want to make a splash in the AFC West, they are going to have to get some help. The Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Raiders did nothing but better themselves over the summer. In addition, let us not sleep on the Los Angeles Chargers. No matter what, these three and the rest of the Broncos 53 will be fun to watch in 2017.

Who are you interested in watching for the Denver Broncos? You can leave a comment below.

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  1. If Jamaal Charles stays healthy he takes their offense from talented to explosive. Everything will depend on how the offensive line holds up. Special teams will be much better as well

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