Depression is a psychological health condition that affects approximately 264 million individuals globally. It’s regarded among the most severe mental disorders, second only to nervousness. Everybody has a different perception of depression, varying from light to extreme to persistent. While depression is not preventable, it is relatively treatable, even though not everybody seeks medical care.

Depression is frequently shown in Shows and films since it is so pervasive in our culture. In reality, there are scores of films and television series that include individuals who struggle with mental illness. Moreover, there is a disagreement regarding whether or not portraying depression on television is therapeutic. Is it only idolizing mental illness, or does it keep making actors more likable?

The discussions regarding depression depiction in films:

Generally, narratives in movies and television series are based on truth, or at the very least circumstances that may occur in real life. Depression is among these scenarios. Producers are aware that millions of individuals experience depression, making for a highly realistic plot.

There is a discussion about whether depression and other psychiatric problems should be shown in programs and movies in the mental health field. Some say that portraying characters who are depressed glamorizes mental illness. For example, an artist should not be compensated for performing a depressed figure since many individuals suffer from depression regularly.

Below are some of the top films mentioned that include depiction of depression:

Depiction of depression in Donnie Darko film:

Donnie Darko film analysis clearly shows the depiction of depression in the movie. Donnie is shown as a person with a mental health condition, is the film’s primary focus, and stands out when compared to his colleagues. Furthermore, there are several more minor incidences of mental illness depicted in the movie, all of which are eclipsed by Donnie’s overt example.

The movie left us with the impression that it’s simple to lay there and label the guy (Donnie) with the most apparent and significant mental disease as a weirdo while ignoring the fact that all of our culture’s other minor mental ailments are so readily dismissed as the ‘standard.’

Depression depiction in Garden State movie:

While described as a romantic drama, Garden State is a film about depression. Andrew Largeman, the central protagonist, travels to his hometown following his mother’s untimely death. He just quit taking his meds and is now suffering from persistent migraines.

Garden State is among the finest films on depression since it depicts how improper therapy may exacerbate the condition. Andrew hit his mother while he was a toddler, resulting in her being paralyzed. His father compelled him to take medications and antipsychotics as a consequence. Andrew was unable to communicate his feelings due to the pills, making him significantly poorer than he would have been if he hadn’t taken them.

Little Miss Sunshine movie has depression depiction:

Little Miss Sunshine is entertaining at times, but it portrays sadness realistically. After a tough split, Olive’s uncle, Frank, tried to commit suicide. Frank feels like a failure since his ex-partner has married up another a little more gorgeous and accomplished.

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