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Dexter: How Deb can be utilized in a potential Season 9

Sometimes great things must come to an end. This was the case back in 2013 when Showtime’s hit show Dexter came to an end after an eight-year run. The show developed a cult following, and was to this day is the favorite show of a large number of tv viewers.

But like several other hit shows, the show ended with some controversy. After a tremendous eight seasons, the final episode left many fans scratching their heads for numerous reasons. One of the final scenes saw the shows title character, Dexter Morgan, played perfectly by Michael C. Hall, on a boat in a storm. Many thought this would be the last we would see of Dexter, as it was likely the blood splatter analyst who also had a dark side would finally meet his demise. But then the final scene we see Dexter living in a log cabin out in Oregon. So not only did Dexter cheat death, but he left his girlfriend and son to go on living life thinking he was dead.

But this moment becomes more head scratching when you look at an event that happened earlier in the final season. Dexter’s sister Deb, played by Jennifer Carpenter, who was just as integral to the show as Dexter himself, was killed off, and Dexter dumped her body in the ocean during the hurricane he would eventually ride his boat into. It is the combination of these two moments that make people say Dexter ended on a very sour note.

Now let’s look ahead instead of looking back. Ever since fans found out Dexter Morgan lived to see another day, they have been clamoring for more. Die hard fans do not want to see the big time show to go out with Deb dying, only to find out Dexter goes and starts a new life in Oregon.

But if the show does eventually make a comeback, it cannot be without our favorite loudmouthed police officer, Debra Morgan. As I mentioned above, the show was just as much about Deb as it was Dexter, with Deb being fun to watch anytime she was on screen. But with the character very much dead, how could it be possible to bring her back for a potential revival? The answer is quite simple and draws upon the shows history.

Throughout the eight years Dexter was on, James Remar played Dexter and Deb’s deceased father, Harry Morgan. Harry served as Dexter’s mentor, and the voice of reason in his head. We saw him through flashbacks with a young Dexter, teaching him to control his urges. Harry is the one who taught Dexter to channel his killing instinct towards those who have harmed and killed others.

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Then we had the scenes where Harry would appear, but only as a figment in Dexter’s head. He would appear on screen and interact with Dexter, but all of this was simply in Dexter’s head. It was a projection of Harry who was helping steer Dexter down the right path. Dexter was still killing other killers, but he at least had a moral guide. It was this relationship between Dexter and his father, who was now just a voice in his head, which made the show unique.

And this is exactly how the show should utilize Deb if a season nine ever comes to fruition. This would provide a passing of the torch type of moment, and serve the natural progression in the story of several characters. Dexter has shown he is at his best when he is being guided along by a lost family member. James Remar could make a special guest appearance to reintroduce Deb. This would allow Harry to explain to Dexter she is the one he should listen to.

Deb is sure to be floating around in Dexter’s head, as he likely feels responsible for her death. So it would only be fitting that she would show up to talk to her brother the way their father did. Deb was hesitant at first about Dexter being a serial killer, but eventually learned why he did what he did. She did not always agree with it, and this could play into the dynamic here as well. She could help stop him from killing someone who does not necessarily deserve it, and let him loose when Dexter comes across someone who has killed others for no reason.

Just because she is dead does not mean she cannot be a key player if the show comes back. Dexter would not be Dexter without Jennifer Carpenter so that an explanation would be needed for her return. Having her return only in the form of a voice in Dexter’s head is hands down the most logical option. It allows for interaction between the two characters while allowing the Deb charm to remain a part of the show.

So what do you think? Would Deb return if the show makes a comeback? And if so, in what capacity will she return? Tell us in the comments!

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