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College Football: AP, coaches’ polls are a disgrace to the game

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On Tuesday the AP poll for college football came out and to no one’s surprise but mine, it’s a slap in the face. For reasons I have yet to understand, there are mistakes as usual.

Let’s begin with the most glaring one. How can Clemson still be ranked #2, ahead of Florida State? Yes, Clemson came into the season with that ranking, and they won, but who did they beat that was so impressive that they got to keep their spot?

Clemson went against an unranked Auburn team and squeaked out a six-point victory while the Seminoles, in front of a national audience, put on one of the best performances against another highly ranked team in Mississippi. But all the Seminoles got was a one ranking bump, and that was because Oklahoma lost.

Another issue I have is this. If you lose as a top 5, 10, or 25, doesn’t matter to an unranked team, especially in your first game, you should not be ranked heading into the second match. What that shows is that you were not prepared to begin the season, or you’re just not as good as these so-called experts made you out to be. How are LSU and Notre Dame still in the top 25 after taking losses in their first game to unranked teams but yet teams like Miami, Baylor, OSU, and Oregon are still chasing losing teams?

What if LSU or Notre Dame were to win out and Oregon and Baylor were to go undefeated; Who will they play in the playoffs? It’s unfair that such a high-ranking in the beginning can afford you success if you still lose and others don’t. The Florida Gators came in ranked 25th, won their game and still managed to not make the top 25 this week. How does that make any sense?

Every few years they try to fix the system with tweaks and whatnot, but you can’t do it. We thought the playoff system would erase all doubt, but all that has done is create more chaos. There has to be a way to do be done with these rankings; it looks like favoritism to me.

There are too many good schools suffering because of legacies and boosters. Does it matter if San Diego State does not have the following of a Michigan? The goal in sports is to win and in college football, it’s harder. You can’t afford any mistakes unless you’re LSU, Notre Dame or Oklahoma.

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