You must not have ever pondered over your reaction when you use sprays or cleansers for your home or kitchen. At times, you just move away from a place and return after a few minutes when the fumes are settled and at times you just cup your nose with your palm, so that you don’t inhale the poisonous or polluted air in your room. We agree that you use the cleaning material or a mosquito or a cockroach spray to ward of the dirt and insects and to make your home spic and span clean. But it’s time to see the ill effects and impact of the hazardous and unsafe substances. Just because the products are standardized in the markets, we can’t keep on using these.

If you have ever thought that you are breathing with fresh air inside your home as compared to the outdoor polluted air, you are wrong. The usual daily cleaning material that you use, pollute the air inside your abode, office or your child’s classroom. So, here we make you aware of a few chemicals which are risky for health.

Volatile Organic Compounds: Many liquid cleaners, best oven cleaners, phenyls, spot removing solutions which you use to clean glasses tables are actually releasing this organic compound in the form of vapors. It is also called VOC’s in short. And not only the home cleaning products, bur your perfumes, deodorants, room fresheners, nail paints, nail polish removers can prove to be highly toxic if used continuously. Headache, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness and any kind of disorder in respiratory system are the symptoms of getting exposed to the compounds released by your favorite sprays and fragrances. The lethal vapors released by such fancy products also affect the liver and kidneys of a person. It has a toxic consequence on many of the organs of the body.

Ammonia: It is obviously one of the best cleaning agents for your sparkling glass tables and furniture, but its fumes are equally risky for a bad outcome on your health. By mistake, if you ingest the ammoniated fumes and reeks emitted by the cleansers, it would spoil the nasal passage and would put an ill effect on the bronchitis of your lungs. It may cause trouble in your mucous membranes, eyes and throat. Overall it affects the respiratory system of the body.

Phthalates: This is one of the very important compounds of the fragrances and sprays you use indoors. The air fresheners and perfumeries that you use, releases this harmful substance called Phthalates. They float in the air and may enter your lungs while you inhale, thus affecting the breathing system. Itching, allergies, asthma are some of the common problems that it generates. It can even lead to cancer and damage the metabolic system of your body.

You can take few measures while using such cleansers so that you don’t get affected. By using natural cleaning materials, harmless and soft products, you can get rid of the toxic fumes released by them. And perfumes and deodorants of flowery fragrance are also a good option to wear so that it does not harm your skin and internal organs. Also, while the cleaning and home chores are going on, you can open all your windows for that proper ventilation. If you wide open your doors while sweeping and cleaning, your floors and walls can breathe in fresh air and so can you too.

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