Discreet Imagery for Documentaries

Documentaries have been getting a lot more audience attention lately. People are leaning toward more realistic visuals and stories in films. Documentaries can evoke emotions more strongly because the footage in the film is most often built on real life stories. More than 500 documentaries are available on Netflix, the most popular online channel in the United States, and more than 50 are in production.

A documentary can be about the life of a living person or a person who has already died, or it can be about a revolution in the world of disability that began 40 years ago such as Academy Awards Nominee 2021 “Crip Camp”. Documentary storylines can be quite diverse and, more often than not, the information needs to fit into a fairly tight time frame.

Also, working with old footage is one of the most important and challenging. The footage needs to be digitized, video quality needs to be improved, noise in the footage needs to be removed, and other imperfections need to be cleared up. Also, footage often has extraneous elements that need to be removed to enhance attention and focus on what’s important.

A film crew in the frame, reflections in the glass, editing video shot on different cameras, videos of different years and much more – everything must be aligned so that the film can be safely viewed on the big screen.

Video retouching and visual effects specialists can help in these cases. In addition, working on documentaries, films, and old video materials is much more difficult than drawing and creating visual effects from scratch. One of the goals of such post-processing is to hide it from viewers’ eyes. These effects are handled by professional studios with high-quality equipment and a team of experts in VFX services.

One of the leading companies offering premium video and visual effect services is VFX studio FRENDER from Los Angeles. Since 2018, it has gained an internationally acknowledged reputation of visual effect wizards. Captivating videos, commercials, movies, and other breathtaking video content are contributed by the expert team of VFX specialists.

Every documentary nominated for an Oscar has countless talents working on the picture. “Octopus Teacher,” which won an Oscar last year, is proof of that. Check out the credits and see for yourself how many people were involved in the production of this documentary.

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