Having access to the outdoors is a wonderful luxury and can have a whole host of benefits, from giving you a place to relax and enjoy fresh air in privacy and comfort to allowing you to enjoy nature, provide an exercise space, and much more. Getting your backyard into shape can take a little effort, though, especially if you’ve not done much with it over the winter months, so to help you get inspired, read on for some great design tips and ideas.


Create a multi-zone backyard

If you have got a large enough backyard, then a great way of using this space is by dividing it up into different zones or areas that are all dedicated to separate purposes. This is a useful way of transforming your yard into a space that can meet your family’s needs, entertaining guests, or any other uses you might have in mind.

You may like to create the main area that is dedicated to being used as a play space for children. This could be marked out as a lawn area or covered in wood chips or other non-toxic materials that can provide a safe and comfortable environment for children to use. If you have to landscape the entire yard from scratch, you might need to do some research first into how much soil you may need to add to designate a sufficient amount of space.

Other zones you might like to introduce could be a barbeque or dining area, where you can cook and entertain guests outdoors. Having enough room for movement as well as enough furnishing is important to make this work well. And if you are a keen gardener, you could also incorporate a vegetable patch as a separate space, where you can grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables for your use.

Include a water feature

Water features such as wildlife ponds, fountains, and waterfalls can be a dramatic and beautiful addition to your backyard, and the best thing about these is that they can be as large or small as you like, making it easier than you might think to incorporate them into smaller yards.

Of course, when thinking of adding a water feature, it is essential to take the rest of the environment into consideration and how you and your other family members may use the outdoor space. A pond will usually need a watertight liner or container to mark out the area it will take up, and this will need to be carefully selected to avoid damage to other parts of your yard or your main property.

If you are thinking of introducing a water feature, make sure that you have considered safety issues too. For example, if you have small children or pets, you may want to avoid deep ponds, which could lead to a risk of falls or drowning. An alternative might be a shallower addition, such as a rock pool or pebble fountain, which are far less risky, or you may need to place a natural barrier around them, such as trees or shrubs, to prevent direct access.

Transform small spaces

Not everyone is blessed with an enormous backyard area that can be filled with dramatic plants or special features, but that does not mean that you cannot still make good use of the space that you do have. Even the smallest amount of yard space can be transformed into an outdoor sanctuary and a place of calm with a little planning or thought and can be a wonderful area to relax in or enjoy some peace.

A simple but effective way to add more greenery to a small outdoor space is by creating a potted garden. Instead of carrying out time-consuming and difficult landscaping, you can simply place potted plants of varying sizes around the outdoor space, depending on your environment and personal tastes. You may need to think about the amount of sunlight the area receives, as this may influence the kinds of plants that will thrive.

Another simple addition is a bird feeder or platform, where you can encourage local birdlife to enjoy a snack. This is an ideal feature next to a window, as you can enjoy the sight of seeing colorful birds coming by to enjoy seeds and other treats. If you are concerned that this may attract unwanted wildlife or vermin, make sure that you keep the feeding area clear of debris regularly and avoid placing it too close to your property.



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