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Do Your SMS Marketing Right with These Successful Tips

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SMS marketing’s effectiveness

The SMS marketing’s effectiveness is indeed indisputable. Texting possesses the highest rate of engagement compared to other marketing mediums. People read more than 90% messages in just three minutes after receiving it. It is the most powerful medium and your customers will want you to make the most of this channel. More than 50% of customers say that they prefer contacting support through SMS over every other channel. The truth is most say they prefer in getting appointment reminders, reservation confirmations, and status alerts through text message. What is the secret to performing SMS marketing effectively? Below are some of the essentials of SMS marketing including examples and best practices from top brands to assist you in using this medium for engaging and converting more customers.

Facts on SMS Marketing

SMS is an abbreviation for short message services. Such messages can be forwarded amid mobiles or from a PC to mobile. The SMS marketing includes sending customers with marketing messages through text messages. To know more on SMS marketing visit SimpleTexting.

SMS marketing

SMS Marketing Best Practices

Take a look at some of the best practices for SMS marketing.

  • Get Permission- You need to have permission for sending text messages to users lest you are only spamming people that can cause your brand irreparable damage. And of course, going against the law as well as prospectively racking up substantial legal fees. Look for subscribers to choose text messaging along with promotional campaigns which ask them in sending a keyword to their shortcode. You can also allow them to check a box at the time of the checkout alongside the email subscriptions. For encouraging opt-ins always be clear regarding what is expected from a subscriber, what form of messages they will receive and also how often.
  • Know the Rules- CITA or the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association requires SMS marketers to include data rates, and msg apply in the auto-reply messages. The majority of the text marketing solutions will automatically add such disclaimer, but it is up to you to make sure it is incorporated.
  • Less is More- What is the total number ofSMS that is considered too many? As per a thorough analysis of the perfect SMS frequency it begins with 4-5 SMS a month and increasing gradually to 10 SMS a month provided every message offers real value. You should of course closely monitor the unsubscribers for discovering the best spot for your respective subscribers. Adding frequency will also be a good idea in the welcome message to let users know as to how frequently they can hear from you.
  • Fun-SMS is something that is an immensely informal and personal channel thereby making it perfect for entertaining campaigns. Think of one-on-one conversations, interactive content, polls, promotions, and games. Use this as a chance for delivering fun and memorable customer experiences. Many SMS marketers utilize shortened text speak such as “txt” and “ur” in campaign copy. So feel free in doing the same as far as your message is readable easily. For long, Starbucks has used SMS for delighting clients with little games, personalized rewards, and quirky memes. In 2013 a campaign was organized where the initial 100 correct responders got rewards. It reinforces the vital role that SMS plays in the customer experience.
  • Segment- You will not speak to a new visitor in a similar way that you would with a loyal client. The same applies to SMS as well. It is best to segment your audience in ensuring that every user receives content that is valuable and relevant. The new visitors may get a promo code or free shipping and repeat customers will get hassle-free access to products or an invitation to the reward program. It is good to use a profile data for sending birthday promotions, location-based campaigns or new customer discounts for giving ever user with up conversions and personalized experience.
  • Instill Urgency- An essential perk of SMS is undoubtedly immediacy. Hence, use it to your benefit. It is good to pair location-based campaigns with an SMS for sending users with tempting promotions when they pass across your store or arrive at your shop. Include phrases such as today only, expires soon or valid till in the copy of your message for creating urgency and prompting recipients to act.
  • It Should Be Exclusive- What is one means of keeping subscribers to opt out of an SMS campaign? It is simple, try in sending VIP content or exclusive offers which they will not receive from other channels. AMC Theatres use SMS for keeping its Stubs club members up to date both on their membership benefits and rewards points. Subscribers will receive access to movie swag giveaways, concession discounts, exclusive event invites and free movie screenings. Akin to any other platform, you should track as to how the users engage with the text campaign that you have made. How many people are opening your message, also how many are opting out as well as how many are clicking the link or sending a response? As per the recent industry benchmarks related to SMS marketing, 70% consumers open SMS within an hour, and about 19% of recipients click the link. Just like other platforms, you must A/B test messaging, timing and audiences to keep improving the strategies related to your SMS marketing.

The current day mobile users look for a customer experience that is consistent irrespective of the device or channel. An omnichannel strategy indeed is crucial to building a lasting and durable bond with your brand. The bottom line is your SMS marketing campaigns must not be one-offs. Instead, it must complement and also connect with the following- your push, social campaigns, and email for reinforcing customer relationships as well as offering a seamless experience. SMS marketing is the need of the hour and here to stay. So, follow these tips mentioned above, and you can never go wrong. You cannot thank yourself enough that you did so.

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