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Dogs: Top Three Breeds To Keep If You Have Children Around



Over the years, dogs have become a more and more essential part of the families across the world as people love to have a dog in their homes because of their loyalty, playfulness and sometimes obedience. But, the scenario changes a bit with the children because in some cases, some dog breeds are relatively less safe for the children mainly due to their attacking nature.

Henceforth, the people take precautionary measures while choosing a dog for their families with the children. These breeds must be kid-friendly, protective and full of energy so that not only can protect the children but also can play them for physical exercise for both children and dogs.

The children-friendly breeds are mostly obedient, but they also need proper training including how to sit, lie down, run, catch a treat, relieve themselves outside the house and many other things and for that there are Dog Training Collars.

These E-Collars are designed keeping in mind the children-friendly breeds so that even children can play a role in training these dogs.

Following are the three breeds, you can have in your house and can train them with Dog Training Collars according to K9Electronics:

1. Labrador Retriever with Dogtra ARC Handsfree

One of the most famous family dogs, Labrador Retriever, is a gentle, playful, friendly and patient dog and famous for being child-friendly. Labradors are highly intelligent but comical dogs, and they are a great addition to the family mainly due to their humour and adventurous nature. These dogs are easy to control and train and with Dog Training Collars, it can become easier. Dogtra ARC Handsfree is a lightweight, ergonomically design collar which will allow you to multi-task while keeping a discreet control over the dog. With 3/4 line of sight range, this collar comes in with 127 levels of adjustable stimulations and Nick, Constant and Vibration modes.

2. Poodle and PetSafe 300 Yard Remote Trainer

The Poodles come in different sizes including Toy, Miniature and Standard according to the choice of the families. Although known as fussy dogs, the Poodles are working dogs with a keen interest in taking part in family activities. And for the training of these small dogs, PetSafe 300 Yard Remote Trainer which are best for dogs weighing 8lbs/more. These collars have a light option for smaller dogs like Poodles with gentle stimulations. It can be used on two dogs also and have a range of 300 yards with waterproof remote and collar.

3. Beagle and Educator ET-300 Mini Zen

Beagles are highly energetic dogs who love to rough and tumble with endless energy to play with you. This means they need a high level of stimulation and exercise and for that, we have ET-Mini Zen which can be fit for 3 inches to 28-inch dog neck. With LCD transmitter and half-mile range, ET-300 Mini Zen collars are the best options for your Beagles as it will help you to train this highly energetic family dog.

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