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Dogs are one of the best friends, a person can have because they are loyal, will be genuinely happy after seeing you, will play with you, go on a long walk, and sleep with you.

The dogs are may be the best pets one can have as they will follow your instructions most of the time and they are unique in this regard as compared to other pets. But to make them obedient, you need to train them about how to sit, how to eat, how to get relieved, how to play and most importantly, not to attack strangers.

The dogs can learn this by proper training and companies like E Collar Technologies can help you extensively. They have a vast range of collars and remotes for family pets, hunting dogs and working dogs. Their products are highly recommended, easy to use and dog-friendly, and with them, you can train your dog through different exercises.

They have different ranges for collars including Boss, Pro and Master and Mini Educator Series and their products will make it easy for you to conduct a training exercise for your dog.

Following are five best training exercises for your dog, which you can conduct with the help of E-Collars. View more here!

1. Walking with E-Collar

With E-collar ranger according to your dog’s age and size, you can go on a walk with him/her. You can throw a treat but don’t let him run towards it with the vibration in our collars, and when he sits down and stop going towards it, then you can give him treat for looking at you.

2. Relax on Mat

All you have to do is to take a blank or mat, which should not be dog’s bed, and reward him for moving, nibling, looking at it or sniffing it and you can control his movement with E-collar and remote. You can also cut to the chase and cue him to lie down on the mat and once he does, reward him and then try new places and distractions.

3. Red Light-Green Light

Go on a regular walk with your pet, and press the remote of our e-collar when he is at leash length from you to stop him. Then walk forward and after reaching close to him, cue him to walk again through vibration in the collar, this will slowly make him realise to not to go much-far from you.

4. Exchange Games

Give your dog a toy to play-like some stuff toy-and then go near him and throw an awesome treat to him, and he should drop the object in his mouth for the treat. With the help of our product him, you can cue him to drop the toy and eat your treaty, this exercise will excite him every time you walk towards him.

5. Hide and Seek

This is maybe the best game for training as it will train him to “come whenever called” and through this product, you can keep track of him, and through vibration in e-collar, you can call him without calling through voice.


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