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Road Trippin’ with an unlikely friend

Are you going on a road trip this summer?

So you are planning to break away from the boredom of just mundane existence. Road trips are amazing, especially in the company of your family, or even solo if you are adventurous. In this article I’d like to recommend an unlikely friend companion for the trip: an electric bike!

This is the new family member you need to tag along. It can serve many functions, including have a back-up means of transport just in case things get messy and roads are impassable. So, should you take you e-bike on a road trip? Absolutely yes! This is why.

1. It is highly flexible and convenient

Here is an example: Imagine going visiting the French wine lands for some wine tasting, getting drunk and then you can’t drive? This can be devastating and can totally ruin your trip. Having an e-bike will enable you to go and have your wine without problems, as long as you suitable accommodation nearby. It is a flexible piece of equipment that you can use at any time anywhere. Narrow footpaths will not give you trouble navigating, regardless of how rough the terrain is.

2. It is a great workout (if you choose to pedal)

How about killing two birds with one stone? Going for a road trip with your e-bike will give you some minutes of pedaling to interior places. Pedaling is such a vigorous workout that engages all your body parts. You will get to sweat a lot and burn calories to promote a little weight loss and fitness.

3. It is economical

An e-bike is powered by a battery which drives an electric motor for forward propulsion. Instead of fueling your car to travel 200 kilometers, you can drive half the journey and pedal the remaining distance. You will get to save a lot of fuel and this will add more dollars to your pocket.

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4. It is very easy to use

Unlike the traditional bike which you have to use your maximum effort to pedal, you only need a little effort to pedal an e-bike. The motor helps you to propel the bike forward; hence, you spent almost negligible energy to pedal. This means you can use it even when you are tired. In addition, you can always switch between pedaling and automatic propulsion according to your preference.

5. It is fast

An e-bike with a bigger battery can go as fast as 45 kilometers per hour. Compared to a traditional bike, this is an incredibly high speed. This speed will help you complete your road trip on time without using any fuel whatsoever. You will arrive on time, having worked out, and having used less effort at some point.

6. It is easy to foldfolding electric bike

Since you are going on a road trip, you need to fold your e-bike so that it can fit in your car boot, or just occupy less space. A folding electric bike is convenient and easier to carry than you think. You can open it when you want to use it. In case you don’t know how to do it, your e-bike manual will help a great deal.

To wrap up, it is actually a good idea to carry your e-bike along on your road trip. You will avoid lots of inconveniences and be able to enjoy every bit. You will also access places where your car cannot. This is a must-have gadget. If you don’t own one yet, make sure you include it on your next to-buy list.

Ruaan is a fitness blogger and passionate cyclist. He creates content at fitnesspurity.com, electric-biking.com and bikesreviewed.com!

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