For the DIYer, there’s nothing more fun and satisfying than sprucing up the home using little more than a great idea and your own two hands. The internet is full of home projects for the do-it-yourself type, so whether you want to give your home a fresh new look or you want to upgrade to modern amenities, there’s probably a tutorial out there just right for the task.

In the content that follows, we’ve compiled a few DIY home improvement ideas so simple yet wonderful you’ll be inspired to tackle them sooner rather than later.

1. Upgrade Your Home’s Security

Homes today are more secure than ever thanks to the technology behind smart door locks. Smart door locks enable you to let anyone you want into your house – whether you’re home or not – via temporary access codes. The locks connect with your smartphone, so you know who’s coming and going at all times.

If keeping your home and family safe is important to you, and you enjoy being handy around the house, you can install these smart locks yourself in no time.

2. Give Your Kitchen Sink a New Look

Are you tired of that old, leaky faucet on your kitchen sink? Does it keep you awake at night with its incessant drip, drip, drip?

If you know how to use a wrench, you can switch that drab old thing out for a shiny, modern model in just a few minutes. Simply turn off the water supply going to the sink and unscrew the lines from the old faucet. Attach the lines to the new faucet and voila!

If the new faucet doesn’t include an aerator, adding one will save you money on the water bill.

3. Make Your Dryer Work Better

Does it seem to take forever for your dryer to dry clothes completely? It could be that the hose or ductwork is clogged with lint. Not only does this decrease the dryer’s efficiency, but it’s also a fire hazard, too.

To remedy this problem, move the dryer away from the wall and detach the dryer hose. Use a vacuum to clean out as much of the lint as possible before re-attaching the hose.

4. Spruce Up the Backyard

If you or someone in your home loves to garden, it might be time to spruce up the backyard with a raised flower bed. Easy to build in less than an hour, you can plant flowers or veggies in your new garden.

All you need for this project is some 8-foot pieces of treated lumber, some screws, construction adhesive, landscape fabric, and soil.

Cut the boards to size and put them together using the screws and adhesive. Place landscape fabric in the bottom and fill the frame with soil. Your new raised flower bed is complete.

5. Give the Outside of Your Home a Bath

Many people don’t realize that the exterior of their homes get dirty too. From dust and dirt to mildew growth, the outside of a home can get pretty dingy looking.

Almost all parts of the exterior of your home can be cleaned quickly and easily using a pressure washer. If you don’t already own one, there’s no need to buy one since most home improvement centers rent them out by the day. Be sure to get a suitable cleanser and the right nozzle for the job and get busy. Don’t forget the windows, gutters, and garage door, too.

There are dozens of home improvement DIY projects you can do. Start with the ideas listed above and then turn to Google for more DIY projects you can do around the house.

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