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Latest Free Government Cell Phones 2019

Latest Free Government Cell Phones 2019

For starters, it is an undeniable fact that right now cellphones are more of a necessity for us. In fact, we are already living in the age when almost all the people out there have a cell phone because what’s life without connecting with one another. There was a time when people just had the access to flip phones and the standard phones but now things have changed and there is a huge decline that can be seen in the flip phone market. People now want an upgrade in the form of touch screen phones and well, right now, if you look around, you will see that the market is just full of different brands and companies offering touch screen phones (Smartphones).

Well, for now, one thing is clear that in the future, survival without a cellphone won’t be possible. But that’s not what we are here to talk about today. In fact, today we are here to talk about the best free government cell phones of 2019 and what they are. We know, you already are in a shock that now the government is giving away free smartphones with wireless access but hold that thought there for a while because there’s more to come that will make you drop your jaws.

The lifeline providers give away these smartphones to different customers just so that they can keep themselves up to date about cellular technology. Especially the Assurance wireless company is giving new smartphones to people along with the cellular access which is the best thing that’s happening this year. We must say that the assurance wireless compatible phones are no less than a treat to everyone because yes, they are that great!

Here are some of the best free government cell phones of 2019;

1- Oklahoma 1000

This free cell phone is so far the best one in town, and you are going to love using it because first, it’s free obviously and the second reason is that with this phone you get 1000 minutes of the call, unlimited text messages and you can also avail 1 GB internet data. Isn’t it just great? Like you get a free smartphone and on top of it, you get all these facilities that people usually have to pay a lot for.

2- Kentucky and Missouri

This smartphone is offered by the Easy Wireless company. People living in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kentucky can get their free smartphones from this amazing lifeline service provider. With the Kentucky and Missouri free phones you will get 250 minutes of the call, 25 MB total internet data and on top of everything, you get 250 free text messages.

3- TruConnect

TruConnect isn’t a major cellular company but yes, it has grown to a whole another level over the past few years. With TruConnect you can easily get your free smartphones. What they have to offer is a free 5-inch smartphone that comes with 3GB of internet data and unlimited text and talk time.


4- Q Link Wireless

If you are a new user on the program then yes, you will get a free mobile from this company. Also, if you have an older phone then don’t worry because you can easily upgrade your phone to a smartphone with Q Link Wireless. With 1000 free talk time minutes and 1GB data, this phone can do wonders to you.

Q Link Wireless


These are some of the best free government cell phones of 2019. So, if you qualify for a free phone then don’t wait anymore and apply for any one of the above-mentioned phones right now. After all, you deserve to be aware of cellular technology just like all the other people are.  

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