Holiday shopping can really be a drag, especially for men. We all know that most men do not plan for holiday shopping and if they do, they still find themselves struggling to figure out what to get their significant other for the holidays. If you are one of those men, then here are some helpful do’s and don’ts you can use while shopping for that special someone.

With these helpful hints you will be sure to make her Christmas special.

DO – Get her a card…And write in it- As much as she is looking forward to the gift, the surprise of a love note in a card will be far more sentimental. Since we are so computer and phone savvy with our conversations an out of the box love note in her card will be sure to make her heart melt.

DON’T – Go shopping the night before you exchange gifts. If you end up waiting till the very last minute, you will end up picking out a gift just for the sake of it and she will know right away that there was no thought involved. We really don’t like to pretend to like gifts, we want to actually like it. Last minute shopping is a given but try not to wait for the last second, give yourself 2-3 days if you typically do last minute shopping.

DO – Buy gift cards. When in doubt, gift card it out. Yea…it seems stupid, but women actually like to go shopping and some of us are so picky that we would rather get a few gift cards to our favorite places than get a gift we will never use. A good idea to spice up the gift card giving would be to buy something along side of the gift card.

Buy her a nice robe and put a gift card to a spa with it. Buy a gift card to the first place you took her for a date and put a note on it indicating why the gift card was given. These little things can really make a gift card special.

DON’T – find substitutes for the gifts she told you that she wanted. A good example would be that if she asked for a purse and she showed you the one that she wanted, don’t go and buy a different purse from the same designer- If you cannot find the purse or afford it give her a gift card to the store, and add a note that the gift card is for the purse. It really is the thought that counts, and if she really wants it she will find it or find something else that she likes. This will be appreciated.

DO – Fill her stocking. Even if it’s with shampoo, soap, candy etc. Fill it up…We love it!

DON’T- Forget the gift receipts! Yeah, it may hurt that she may have to take something back, but at least she won’t have to pretend that she uses what you got her. At the end of the day, what you need to think about is thought. THOUGHT! THOUGHT! THOUGHT!

Women love gifts yes, but they absolutely LOVE the thought of you planning and taking the time more. Think about what she has done for you in previous years and reciprocate her actions. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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