Have you gotten a phone call that you don’t recognize? As cellular phone numbers are probably not described in public databases, it can be pretty hard to find the owners of these numbers, particularly since fraud calls can hack their contact details to involve others!

Call the local authority/Sydney Pi, if you’ve been threatened over the phone and feel insecure. But if you’re bothered by irritating spam calls, or if you just want to inquire who your line is calling, Here are the different ways to find the owner of a phone number –

  1. Type the number into a search engine. If you’re not having any luck with the reverse-lookup sites, you can use Google, Bing, or any other search engine to run a search. Since you can glance through all types of information with search engines, you could discover hints that can point you in the right direction. For example, if a phone number is associated with a company or website, information about the company or site will come up.

Such as XXX-XXX-XXXX or (XXX) XXX-XXXX, try formatting the number in various ways. You should also aim to place the whole phone number but no other symbols in quote marks (e.g., “XXXXXXXXXX”).

  1. Try a database with reverse-lookup. There are several free websites that can include a phone number with important info. You might be able to find the caller’s name, company name, and/or address on a reverse-lookup site if the contact information you are monitoring is a landline (not a cell phone) and not personal. If you search for a private landline or a cell phone number, these websites will at least tell you the phone number’s location and service provider. If you are asked to pay for an update, see more specific outcomes, skip that there are more free ways to try.

While some reverse-lookup sites advertise paid services, they often do not deliver outcomes that you can’t find for free. Some sites are infamous for scamming consumers, either by failing to provide their money with any helpful data or by willfully stealing credit card information from the customer. If you plan to use a paid service, properly investigate the business and stick to services using PayPal or other well-known third-party programs.

  1. Check on Facebook and other social media networking sites for the figure. You might be able to check for a phone number to find the owner’s profile on that site, depending on the social network. For example, if the phone number holder has connected it to a Facebook account, you can use Facebook’s standard search function to search for the phone number.

●      Check the website where you share chat or data with them, such as on the website forums, if you suspect this is someone you are communicating with online.

  1. Call the amount. Explain to whoever answers that you have received calls from the number. Ask them politely who they are. If they tell you, no need to continue! Check out one of the tactics they don’t have below.

Conclusion:- Try calling from an alternative number, such as a phone from a friend, a phone number from Google Voice, or a payphone. If you have repeatedly called and received no reply, it is likely that the other party would prefer not to pick up your calls. Calling from the phone of a friend or a payphone will help rule this possibility out.

If the person who answers claims not to have called your number, it is possible for a scammer to mask their phone number as someone else’s by using rogue software.

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