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Eagles Lead NFC East in AP Pro 32 Rankings

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The Philadelphia Eagles ranked No. 7 in this week’s AP Pro32 Poll, while the rest of the NFC East ventured closer to the bottom of the list.

The Washington Redskins (0-1) ranked 28, while the New York Giants (0-1) ranked 29. The Dallas Cowboys (0-1) ranked 30 on the list.

The Seattle Seahawks ranked NO.1, and the St. Louis Rams ranked No.32 this week.

-Quick Takes- 

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles’ enjoyment of leading the NFC East after week one could be short lived. with various reports of changes on the line, their Week 2 could prove to be a little interesting, to say the least. The Eagles signed guard Wade Smith, who has a background with Seattle and Houston.

Washington Redskins: The AP reported Wednesday that Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden says tight end Jordan Reed has “very little” chance of playing Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.Meanwhile Chris Baker will line up at nose tackle for the Redskins against the Jacksonville Jaguars, taking Barry Cofield’s spot. Cofield is out at least eight week with an ankle injury, reports indicate.

And while everyone is hoping Redskins QB Robert Griffin III grasps the concept of pocket passing soon, it doesn’t hurt to have backup QB Kirk Cousins on your fantasy roster.

NY Giants: The Giants are also having some troubles at the line, and are still deciding on whether to start John Jerry or Brandon Mosley. The Giants were exposed Week 1 against the Detroit Lions, suffering from a case of, “Did they steal our playbook?”. Detroit played as if they knew the Giants’ next move, while the Giants worked all game just to find themselves a few steps shy of Lions receivers.

Dallas Cowboys: Coming off an embarrassing Week 1, the Cowboys are still looking for the same rhythm at the QB spot the Redskins and Giants are seeking. The team reported Wednesday weakside linebacker Justin Durant is out for the next three to four weeks because of a groin injury.

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