When a person thinks about where air pollution comes from, big companies often come to mind. However, not all well-known companies harm the environment with their manufacturing practices. There are many mattress companies that focus on sustainable materials, gain CertiPUR-US certification or use organic cotton or natural wool in their products. You can also find clothing companies that are eco-conscious. Here are some of the best environmentally friendly brands for 2020.

1. Thought Clothing

An affordable and environmentally-friendly brand, Thought Clothing features garments made from hemp, bamboo and organic denim. The materials are sustainably sourced. Each garment is carefully constructed so that it lasts for years. Their prints and designs are timeless, so they won’t look dated in a year or two. The company makes adult clothing, socks and accessories.

2. Pact

Pact makes a full spectrum of adult clothing, ranging from underwear to lounge wear and blouses to dresses. Its signature organic cotton uses 95 percent less water to produce and contains no chemicals. Their products ar #

Thought Clothing

e known for their softness and durability.

3. Reformation

Reformation focuses on sustainable manufacturing, including recycled materials, green buildings and carbon-neutral processing and shipping. It produces clothing, shoes and wedding apparel. Each product’s page on the company’s website indicates how many gallons of water and pounds of carbon dioxide were saved during the item’s production.

4. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel uses low-impact dyes, sustainable materials and recycled materials and fibers in its clothing. The company’s products include adult apparel, accessories and home items. One of the business’s top products is its eco-friendly fleece jacket, which is made from recycled plastic. The company focuses on basics, including leggings, tanks and sweatshirts that stand the test of time.

5. People Tree

People Tree makes sustainable and fashionable clothing for women. All of its garments are Fair Trade Certified. They are also made from certified organic cotton and GOTS-approved dyes. The clothing labels are even printed on FSC-certified paper. Their garments are made to last. The workers are paid an ethical living wage.

6. Tentree

As its name explains, Tentree plants 10 trees for each item purchased. Its goal is to plant 1,000,000,000 trees by 2030. All of the company’s garments are made from sustainable fabrics, and the business uses eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Their clothing focuses on people with an active lifestyle who need durable and rugged apparel.

7. Boden

Boden is widely respected for its transparent supply chain. The sourcing and supply chain of raw materials has the biggest impact out of every process performed by a fashion company. Boden makes use of sustainable cotton in its garments and eco-friendly packaging for their shipping. Their products include baby, child and adult apparel and special occasion outfits.

8. EcoVibe

EcoVibe uses a combination of natural and recycled materials in its apparel. The brand gives 1 percent of its sales to environmental causes each year. The company also focuses on ethical manufacturing. It’s known for tencel blends and casual women’s clothing.

9. Cuyana

Cuyana uses streamlined production and lean shipping practices. In each order, it includes a bag for the customer to fill with used women’s clothing to donate. In return, customers get a $10 discount on their next order.

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