El Cappo has all the talent in the world to turn himself into a big star. More famously known as El Cappo, He is a Canadian hip-hop artist, singer, and songwriter born in Toronto, Canada.

The thriving hip-hop artist has always prided himself as an artist, rather than just a rapper. Since releasing the song Mission in 2019, Cappo has released various singles with “R.AP”, “The Lecture” and “Domination” with the latest being “7/30” and “New Day” received co-signs from individuals like Cassidy and rapper Fat Joe, this along with strong family support-only inspires him more to improve his craft and develop as a sound lyricist.

New Day, a single that looks to motivate and will take you through the average day as if you were the artist himself. The song overall brings a positive message and can be used to start your day just right!

Now the artist plans to continue his journey in delivering information and personal experience in an enjoyable way. The artists’ music can be found on Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, etc. majority of the streaming platforms.

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