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Eloquent Elegance: Mastering the Art of Wedding Invitations

It was a cool, sunny day in mid-September. The light shone through the window of Marie’s study as she stared over a stack of envelopes and blank gloss paper. Her prized calligraphy set, which had belonged to her grandmother, passed down to her mother before her, sat beside her. The day was only months away.

The day that she had dreamed of for years ­– her wedding day – was fast approaching and there was still so much to do. It seemed as if the to-do-list would never end.

“Just begin,” she thought. “Then it’s one down and only one hundred and ninety-nine more to go.”

While it is a celebration and a display of love, to many couples the idea of planning a wedding can feel like a superhuman task. No wonder there’s a profession for this, am I right?

Among what seems to be a never-ending list of tasks is choosing the guests and preparing invitations. In a way, you want your guests to remember them so that they attend.

Well here’s my guide to how you can do it well.

Finely Cut Design:

One way to personalise them for your guests is with laser cut invitations. Whether they are on matte or glossy paper, you can make your invites a detailed and gorgeous design.

This can be great for your guests as it can be a great gift or keepsake for your guests to remember your special day.

Fine Penmanship:

Another way to make the best artistic look is to give your invites some fancy pen work. While there are professional calligraphy services that will do the work for you, as I hinted in the scenario, doing it yourself could add a personal touch for your guests.

Also, by doing it yourself, you save on costs. According to professional, Kathryn Christenbury, in their interview with The Knot, “I would say the average going rate is about $4 per envelope, but the price can range from $3 to $6-plus, depending on the experience level of the calligrapher.”

This can become quite expensive with a large party of guests. Therefore, it’s a good means to keep your costs down.

Personal touch:

As part of any wedding, you would have mutual friends that were invited. Therefore, you would hope that you could add a little bit of personality to your guests’ invites.

With a close friend, you can add a little humour. Instead of “We delightfully accept/regretfully decline,” how about “I’ll come for the food, but I’ll probably get lost on the way to the reception.” Or sorry mate, the in-laws are in town.”

Being able to joke a bit with the RSVP can show that you want it to be a fun event.


Are you a beach person? Alternatively, maybe camping in the great outdoors is more your style. Showing your personality through a theme is a perfect way to design your guests’ invitations.

Perhaps you two love to travel. Those such as Etsy can help you design invites around a travel theme that may hint your guests as to where you want to go.

Having a theme, such as cinema, can help show your guests how your relationship has progressed.


You can make beautiful wedding invitations, depending on the materials you use. This can be from paper to specialist pens and inks, such as Marie’s set in the scenario. As soon as the word calligraphy gets a mention, people think “hard” or “expensive.”

However, if you have an artistic flair, or will to learn, you can create beautiful invitations. With sets from places like Officeworks, it doesn’t have to cost you a heap.

Now there are some of the ways to beautify your invitations. I hope they turn out wonderful.

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