FROSTisRAD is an alternative artist and songwriter in Metro Detroit who is paving way for himself in the music industry. FROSTisRAD is a young talented artist who has achieved so much because of his passion and determination to pursue that passion.

FROSTisRAD is known for his high energy and hard-hitting tracks, the style that comes naturally to him. He is melodically rich and his rhythmic textures are addicting. FROSTisRAD proves he’s the best through his rhymes and independent grind. The young alternative artist and songwriter has been emerging as a popular music talent all over the world and has released his new single titled, “Mclovin/ the ugly one” which are available on top-notch music platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud.

FROSTisRAD makes his song unique. People just love his music so much that they demand more and more great works from him. He feels greatly blessed and happy to be born in a neighborhood, where he got so much exposure to different kinds of music. Being a new talent in the music industry, FROSTisRAD’s work has received immense love, care, support, and appreciation from the public.

Be sure to examine FROSTisRAD’s latest release for “Mclovin/ the ugly one” on all digital streaming platforms, link below. There are tons more to return this year from FROSTisRAD.

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