Emmanuel Olowe, a Nigerian-American filmmaker, has a productive year expected from him. Many people recognize him through his common nickname Realmannyg, but this diligent worker has achieved a lot since he first started in the industry in 2012. Emmanuel has a lot on queue for this year, with much more films and maybe a book in the process.

A background check on this talented film producer

Emmanuel was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and has always had a passion for television and movies. In 2012, he secured a role as a production assistant for the short documentary Bury The Sky, which gave him his first breakthrough in the industry. The chance provided Emmanuel with the motivation he wanted to start working in the movie industry full-time.

In 2017, he became associate director again for the British film Despair after working on various projects in film making. Emmanuel has consistently served as an assistant and executive producer on a variety of films since then, including:

  • The Job (2017)
  • Memento Mori (2020)
  • Honey and Wine (2020)
  • The Last Man On Earth (2021)
  • Residence at Risk 2 (2021)

He’s still working on many other film productions, such As the Cartel Queen and Michael, Sammler. This entrepreneur is constantly busy and therefore has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

A new book named ‘Alex and Sam’s Lemonade Stand.’

Emmanuel always believed that teaching children financial awareness will benefit them in the future. Many people have a vague understanding of their assets and credit. A lack of knowledge may lead to poor financial decisions, difficulties with investments, and the accumulation of large amounts of debt.

Giving children a financial education at an early age benefits them in the long run. This expertise enables parents and teachers to lay the groundwork in their kid’s education to aid in developing sound financial activities and avoid the many financial errors that adults commit nowadays.

Emmanuel is enthusiastic about a variety of things in addition to film. He enjoys writing and telling stories as well. Alex and Sam’s Lemonade Stand, Emmanuel’s latest book, will be released this June. Emmanuel is excited to tell his experiences to the rest of the world, and he hopes that this book will lead to new journeys.

His work in the music department

He’s been interested in music production to expect a new music release an EP soon. Extranjero Papí is the title of the song he intends to launch, and you can listen to a preview on his website. A completely new album with a fantastic soundtrack.

Emmanuel’s social life

While Emmanuel is not even on set or working on his next project, he enjoys interacting with his fans on social media. He now has over 325,000 Instagram fans and is constantly entertaining them with sneak peeks through his activities and projects. Emmanuel enjoys seeing the responses of his fans to his most recent projects. It motivates him to keep trying new things.

One of Emmanuel’s trademarks is his ability to hold his audience amused at all times. Fans are eager to learn about his new and future endeavours so that they will be among the first to see them. They have never been disappointed by his work.

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